_andbowtoevery1 (_andbowtoevery1) wrote,

I just got off the phone with Brandon, and his voice got so much deeper hahaha. He's coming back the 5th and then we gon' party it up!!! what what!

wow..how lame am I.

TooD4rkPark: hey brittney..
MotleyMaiden666: hey amanda
TooD4rkPark: I uh...I like your icon *wink*
MotleyMaiden666: lmao
MotleyMaiden666: hey amanda...i uh....like your face :hiccup:
TooD4rkPark: ..
TooD4rkPark: hahahahahahaha

Oh by the way, her icon says "I'm so dirty babe."

I made myself laugh a lot..a lot a lot.

Onto a new subject...I'm going crazy. Seriously. Since that whole ordeal 2 days ago...I've been yelling at the phone waiting for him to call. HE CALLS ME EVERY DAMN NIGHT! Why would the past 2 days be any different. I hate being anxious.

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