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1. What time were you born?: around 2 AM
2. If you were a tree, what kind would you be?: A willow...cause I like them =). I used to have one in my backyard...but it was about to fall on our house so we had to have it removed haha
3. What is your favorite city?: Transylvania..even though I've never been there.
4. If you could make one amendment to the Constitution, what would it be?: I dunno
5. If you were going to visit a third world country, what would it be?: Romania ^.^
6. Would you rather see the Eiffel Tower or Big Ben?: Big Ben
7. If you were to study a second (or third) language, what would it be?: hm..French I guess
8. Would you rather spend the day at the End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center or the Oregon History Museum?: what >.<
9. Would you rather go bungee jumping or parachuting?: parachuting, definetely
10. If you desperately needed money for college and your only option was the armed forces, would you choose the army, navy, or air force?: Air force..I wanna fly.
11. You are Chuck in "Cast Away". Would you open that last package?: never seen the movie, don't know what happens
12. You have a choice of traveling by canoe or water bike on the Columbia. Which do you choose?: what in Queen Liz's name is a waterbike?!
13. What musical instrument do you wish you could play?: cello
14. Would you rather attend a Barney concert or play Pokèmon all day?: Pokemon duh
15. Would you rather attend a math or social studies conference?: Social Studies..I absolutley loathe math.
16. You must study a medical profession in college. You choose surgeon or ER doctor?: ER
17. You have the opportunity to speak face to face to an actor/actress whom you don't particularly like. What do you say?: "Paris Hilton..I hate you."
18. You must get either your belly button or eyebrow pierced. Which do you choose?: belly button...I think eyebrow piercings are the most hideous of all facial piercings..next to monroes.
19. Summer boredom is really catching up to you. Do you listen to music or watch TV?: If there's nothing on TV I listen to music
20. You must get a tattoo. What is it of or what does it say?: I want it to say "love will tear us apart" on my lower back
21. Would you rather swim in a (clean) lake or pool?: Pool
22. You are given a camera and told to photograph your day. Are the majority of your pictures of people or things/objects?: people
23. You enter a store. Do you go left or right?: it depends on what direction the item I'm looking for is
24. You must dye your hair hot pink or bright red. Which do you choose?: I've already dyed my hair hot pink...so I guess bright red would be a good change.
25. Would you rather watch FOX, NBC, or WB11 for the news?: I don't like the news
26. Your senior pictures are scheduled. Do you choose to have them taken indoors or outdoors?: eh I duno..doesn't matter
27. You are getting married. Do you choose to have the event take place in a church or the outdoors?: outdoors
28. Would you rather travel to Germany or Africa?: Germany
29. You are stranded on the side of the road. Do you hitchhike, walk, or take the bus?: bus
30. You must participate in one leg of a triathlon (run, bike, or swim). Which one is it?: bike, it's the easiest for me
31. Where would you like future Olympic games to be held?: I don't really care lol
32. Would you rather be extremely hot or extremely cold?: extremely cold...I really don't like the heat
33. You buy hand lotion. Is it scented or not?: it's scented
34. You want to see a movie with friends. Would you rather go to a drive-in or the same ol' theater?: Drive-in's don't exactly exsist around here anymore
35. You must put together a puzzle. Do you choose 2,500 or 5,000 pieces?: 2,500 is enough for me
36. Would you rather spend the day with Cookie Monster or Big Bird?: Big bird
37. The only jobs you could land for the summer are at McDonald's or a gas station. Which do you prefer?: I'd rather be broke than take either of them
38. You are given $30. What do you do with it?: I go searching the world for those damn pants that I want but cannot find >.<
39. And finally, the oh-so-popular question of: You are stranded on an island. You can have one thing, but not another human. What do you choose?: a working cell phone




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