_andbowtoevery1 (_andbowtoevery1) wrote,

I wanna get drunk with Melissa and Brandon when he comes back from FL. I don't wanna get into this habit...cause frankly...I don't wanna end up like a bunch of people I could name right now.

I need another job...I doubt babysitting these 5 kids is gonna cut it for as long as I'm hoping it will. Since work ended a couple days ago...I'm screwed.

I wish that I was 17 with a license and car so that I could drive Brittney anywhere she wanted to go.

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    New lj: theway_youshine ADD IT!

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    So I'm thinking I'm gonna make a new username...not sure yet.

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    My dog just scratched me in the eye and I think I'm going blind. Speaking of blind...I'm being fitted for glasses tomorrow due to the fact that I…

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