August 2nd, 2005

touch me

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Today has had it's ups and downs.



+hanging out with Alex, Vinny and Dave

+Hanging out with Vinny for the first time in practically a year

+Dancing across DPA at 10 pm to get slurpee's for Dave

+Dave's Jesus song

+Vinny's dead puppy jokes (as much as I hated them...I still enjoyed it)

+Alex. She's a positive all herself..duh.

+Fixing a friendship



-Realizing there are A LOT of things about me that need to be fixed

-One of your best friends not telling you that he has a problem with you

-Knowing I'm a total control freak and not fixing it

-Knowing how to fix it...but not trying to

-I'm crazy.



I love Alex Vinny Dave and Nicky..a lot.