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My dog just scratched me in the eye and I think I'm going blind.

Speaking of blind...I'm being fitted for glasses tomorrow due to the fact that I have slight astigmatism, my eyes no longer focus correctly and I'm farsighted. Go me.
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Yesterday..was a good day.

I slept most of the day, but then at around 5:50, Ashley's mom picked Brandon and I up, and we went to the fair, where we met up with Steven, Vinny, and some stupid little kid who thinks he's metal. So anywayzzz...I wound up being totally nausous(sp?) due to the fact that Steven picked me up and dumped me over on that god damned Cliff Hanger, fuck him. So yeah the rest of my night at the fair was screwed. Then Alex and another Vinny showed up a little bit later, and then Nicky showed up 5 minutes after them. So since I was about to drop dead, I wound up going back to Alex's house with Vinny and Nicky because I didn't wanna ruin Brandon and Ashley's time. So we had dinner at Alex's, then went back to the fair and met up with the others again. I didn't go on any of the rides, but I still had a good time.

And now I'm bored.
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Brandon's home =)

and that's just about the only positive thing that's happened today.

Alex,Melissa,Nicky and I are going to see Patent Pending August 19th, and hopefully you're not =)
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Today has had it's ups and downs.



+hanging out with Alex, Vinny and Dave

+Hanging out with Vinny for the first time in practically a year

+Dancing across DPA at 10 pm to get slurpee's for Dave

+Dave's Jesus song

+Vinny's dead puppy jokes (as much as I hated them...I still enjoyed it)

+Alex. She's a positive all herself..duh.

+Fixing a friendship



-Realizing there are A LOT of things about me that need to be fixed

-One of your best friends not telling you that he has a problem with you

-Knowing I'm a total control freak and not fixing it

-Knowing how to fix it...but not trying to

-I'm crazy.



I love Alex Vinny Dave and Nicky..a lot.

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I just got off the phone with Brandon, and his voice got so much deeper hahaha. He's coming back the 5th and then we gon' party it up!!! what what! lame am I.

TooD4rkPark: hey brittney..
MotleyMaiden666: hey amanda
TooD4rkPark: I uh...I like your icon *wink*
MotleyMaiden666: lmao
MotleyMaiden666: hey amanda...i your face :hiccup:
TooD4rkPark: ..
TooD4rkPark: hahahahahahaha

Oh by the way, her icon says "I'm so dirty babe."

I made myself laugh a lot..a lot a lot.

Onto a new subject...I'm going crazy. Seriously. Since that whole ordeal 2 days ago...I've been yelling at the phone waiting for him to call. HE CALLS ME EVERY DAMN NIGHT! Why would the past 2 days be any different. I hate being anxious.