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 i'm just... extremely confused. 
or... apathetic.

i've slipped into old habits.
old bad habits. 

i want my guitar. i want it to be thursday. 
i'm fond of damien rice, suddenly. did i spell that right?

i've lacked inspiration, motivation 
these past weeks. i keep wanting to steal words phrases and images to make up for my lack of creativity. 

i might get a tattoo over spring break, then post it all over myspace and maybe even write a status about it
maybe just maybe. 

routine sucks and i can't wait to break out of this. 
work then school then work then school 
throw in a bit of procastination and lack of progress
then some more work and school and work. i don't feel alive, right now. 

why do you sing Hallelujah, if it means nothing to you at all?
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even when the world just falls apart

Oh so the words have been said
The feeling's old but it's new to me
I guess I'm scared to death but
Oh I just love you Oh I just love you

Telling my friends, "I gotta go"
That I need rest
bit I'm running for the phone
I think Casey knows but
Oh I just love you Oh I just love you

A watch now on my wrist, a collard shirt
and hair clean cut sculpted
I'll iron out the flaws
come meet your new in-laws
oh here's the awkward pause

When I look at you,
I've caught myself off-guard a time or two
Those funny times I realize that I've been staring
way too long and you're done talking
not to mention I've stopped breathing

I'm such a mess
Rushing to open your car door
You lean and open mine
before I can turn the key and
Oh I just love you Oh I just love you

Calling to say hi on your break
In less than twenty words you made
my whole damn day and
Oh I just love you Oh I just love you

In the coffee shop you sipped
your drink and we all sat and talked
My mind it wandered off alone
to find a thought as beauty
poured out when you talked

Stand still in my sight, a switch got hit
somewhere back in my mind
Just then I realized there what I have
to do, because I couldn't stand to look
at you across another crowded room
and know that you would not be mine

Time drags its feet
but somehow you sneak it past me
Night after night
At this rate if you stay with me
I'll go to bed at twenty-three
and wake up sixty-five
Well next to you that would be
just fine, that'd be just fine
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 my new years resolution is to grow the fuck up.


my new years eve was great-- stayed around with the family until around ten, then michael came to pick me up. 
i was with him at midnight while we watched fireworks of the whole town. ...it was great
i came back after midnight to say happy new year to the tons of family who was around my house, 
then i went to welcome the new year with a couple of cases of beer around a warm fire. 

life is good and i feel happy.
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i'm failing at  life!

well i ended up not attending most of those sessions that i needed to...

& the fact that i dream that i wake up. WTF.

so i have a million absences, which is going to rape my fucking average.

SO ANYWAY, visited home this weekend.

watched movies. relaxed. went to allans. etc.
overall it was a pretty chill weekend... 
ohyeah, i cut my hair too.

now i just feel overwhelmed, as if i missed out on a lot here
[but i really didn't]

it seems there is a lot i have to get off my chest!
i was thinking of a million things on the car ride back over here.
i'm not sure what i want at this moment.

but otherwise i'm okay.
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i'm fuuull

i don't even have anything to put.

been working mostly. 

as of now i've only slept a few hours. 
fell asleep at five thirty, woke up at eight to go to the doctor.
got a few shots. wahh

the weekend was pretty chill.
for the most part.
went to tophers friday. added to my bad reputation
went to vic's.
sunday went to laredo and josh took me out to eat when i got back.
added once again to the rep by seeing jorge and joaquin and all of my old friends.
and once again they made their faces because they can never really get over anything.

time to go to work now.

bye again.
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