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tired Apr. 16th, 2008 @ 07:16 pm

i am very tired, so much so that sitrtting upright is difficult.

so it was sunny when i awoke. after some britas empire, i finally went to the shop to get breakfast, which having gone yesterday, i didn't manage to get any, due to detouring to friend's. i went riding, and threw myself around harder than i think i have all season. so i hurt from head to bum.

i look forward to a nice easy day shopping tomorrow. oh and i get my photos from the processor. photos i took on the disposable camera in austria. all will go online no matter how bad they are.
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who dressed you this morning? Sep. 7th, 2007 @ 07:28 pm
going through the security checks in LA airport thismorning/last night yesetrday, whenever it was now, we have to remove our shoes, and as i didn't beep as i walked through the metal detector the security guard goes "So who dressed you this morning?"
*super shocked* cheeky old bugger!!!

well I'm back in London now, and after 2 hours sleep, am off out to the factory tonight.
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last minute life Aug. 16th, 2007 @ 08:24 pm
i am beginning to realise that we are off awayfor 2 weeks in just a few days, and i feel totally un-prepared. this next week will be totally exciting.
there are many things to arrange, buy, order.
and sooo much to pack and prepare. i love last minute life!

ready to shock
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isectomy Aug. 6th, 2007 @ 01:35 pm
check this out - this guy had a vasectomy doen to get an iPhone!!!!!!!!!

i got a wide angle lens for my camera on saturday, and it rocks!!!

not to mention the innocent village fete at regent's park being great fun!!!!!! especially the cider tent :)

brain drop Jul. 4th, 2007 @ 07:28 am
anyone else going to brain drop friday?

sleepy and tired Jun. 25th, 2007 @ 09:35 pm
east ending itCollapse )

i went back to stamford and saw my step dad on saturday afternoon, which was nice.
then i went out in peterborough. it was excellent that soo many people were out, and it was great fun!!!!!! i never usually drink that much these days, but it was wicked fun. maybe i will put some pictures here?!?!

the server died at work, and its quite bad!

sebastien is older! Jun. 22nd, 2007 @ 11:06 pm
sebastien turned 25 todayCollapse )


Please sponsor me for leukaemia Jun. 22nd, 2007 @ 12:00 pm

Some of my friends and I will be a team riding accross the war zone that is south London on the 15th of July. Please sponsor us for this good cause that is a blood cancer! Or at least pay for us to get lost in the southern suburbs of this giant metropolis!!!

Summer lurve!!!! Jun. 21st, 2007 @ 03:44 pm
Well i've had the most awesome month!

being taken to ibiza was wicked. Hanging with work peoples was wicked. I didn;t mind driving, as drinking wasn't of a great priority to me, and the drive down to the villa on the stooper steep road, where the hand brake couldn't even hold the car still was awesome, would be a riot in a big 4x4!
jumpaleening at night with 2 other people in the pitch darkness was awesome! and just lazing by the pool ruled. and bora bora rocked, spidey dance, woo woo! and andrew and i jumping off rocks into the sea from 30-40feet ruled, i felt like i was turning insideout!!

pics hidden here!Collapse )

then one day of work was followed by a 22hour journey to the other side of the world.

i met dad on tuesday morning in heathrow, and we arrived wednesday morning (7 hour time difference). it was warm, and humid, being that the island is/was mainly rainforest. we checked into our nice hotel room, and spent 2 days chilling in the town of kota kinabalu. a bit of shopping and eating and laying by the pool was very nice. we only went to teh state of Sabah, which is part of Malaysia, which was until 50 years ago part of the British colonies, so oddly enough they hadve the same electrical sockets on the wall! and they have a good grasp of English, which meant we did not learn much Malaysian, though I did a little, not that I will remember it for long i'm sure!
friday morning we made our way to the bus station to catch a rusty old bus for 10 ringgit each, which works out at £1.50, half way accros the island, and to the head quarters on mount kinabalu, famed for being a world heritage site, and the highest peak between the himalayas and new guinea. i felt i may have over packed, but im useless at travelling light. we stayed one night in teh lodge there, and then saturday morning we pciked up our guide, which was not at all necessary, but we guess they insist we have them for insurance reasons, and to boost the local economy. clarence was he, and he spoke a small amount of english.
it was awesome walking up though teh rainforest, not too wet, not too hot, but not much wildlife. we stayed at the base camp, laban Rata over night, and at 2am sunday we headed up to the summit to catch the sunrise. it was well funny all 170 people walking in a line up the mountain with headtorches in the dark! the sunrise was excellent! we didn't stay long, and headed back down to grab our stuff and make the descent to the bottom. it was ok, we took ourt time as dad's knees aren't great these days. the last Km was a killer, and now 4 days later i still can't walk all that well, my muscles are on a drive to grow, and still recovering from the massive exhaustion.
aafter that we checked into our hotel, and monday morning got us a rental car. we drove inland, saw a waterfall. the road were between excellent, and partly falling down the montains, with pot holes that we could barely get through. we made it to sandakan in teh evening, this is the second major town. it used to be where they exported all of the logs from when they removed half of the rainforest. they now export palm oil, which we saw 100's of kms of palm trees on our way. it was a bit of a dull town.
tuesday morning we headed to sepilok to see the orangutangs at the rescue centre. they were fun and cute. and after we had a relax being pretty tired.
yesterday we had to drive back accross the island (500km) stopping at some hot springs, and a tea plantation. i drank tea for the 1st time in my life this week!!! i have no plans to make it a habit. then we had a lovely 20 hours on planes and waiting in airports, the flight from kuala lumpur is 12 hours! im knackered, but have until monday before i have work, which i damn need! mmmm, my own bed for the first time in 3 weeks :D, and no need to wear ear plugs!!!!!!!!!!! YAY

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i have managed to take almost 2000 photos in the 3 weeks i have owned my new camera!!!

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kota kinabalu Jun. 14th, 2007 @ 05:25 am
hello from Kota Kinabalu, borneo. i'm sat in our hotel room on the 12th floor looking over the sea, and a nice island, its lush out here. very warm, and 10 times more humid! hence sat in the room after having a sweaty romp about town.

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dad and i are taking it easy the couple of days that we are here in town, especially after the 24hour journey it took to get here! everyone i nice, and friendly, and speaks english, which i guess comes from the british influence here in the past, rthey gained their indepenence from us 50 years ago this year! its very cheap for everything, i saw some bape shoes i quite liked, well i will go shopping later. they even have a quiksilver shop, and i might find soime nice pants there!
there is a lot of fishyness! dad and i will be eating at a fish restaurant later, full of fish tanks, so you can pick which one you eat!!! i may have to eat elsewhere afterwards, it's not so veg easy here!
the hotel food is too rich, but i guess i can handle it, i can't help myself when theres a constant supply oif lovely food!
we're off to mount kinabalu tomorrow morning, for an easy days walk, and wander throiugh the jungle a little. the next day will be a bike hike up to the top camp, followed by a hike the next day to the top, and all the way to the bottom, but we shall see what happens then.

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