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Got to see The Reverend last night! Amazing.

The Big John Bates Grindshow performed afterward, complete with sexy undead burlesque babes.

Good night.

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Things I've been really into lately (in no particular order):

1. The Black Lips/The Almighty Defenders/King Khan & BBQ Show/ & etc

2. banh mi

3. biking weather!

4. sexy printing (and this place in particular - I want to work there!!!)

5. french bulldogs

6. jars

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Amy George's 100% Natural Good-Time Family Band Solution for a cold.

tea made from ginger root, garlic, lemon, sage leaf, sprinkle of cayenne, sprinkle of cloves, agave nectar, and a touch of blackstrap molasses for good luck.

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I finished that shawl I was workin' on

pretty rough around the edges, but it was my very first attempt at lacework and I am quite impressed with myself.

Ooh, I got a second nose ring today. ouch

(I'm a lot more happy about it than I look)

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hey y'all, I got the February blues. I want it to be summertime SO BAD.
Here is a list of some reasons why I am excited for summer:
- done school forever
- nights outside
- sweaty, dirty feet
- stinky armpits (winter stink isn't as nice as summer stink)
- cute dresses
- cartwheels in the grass
- picnic season
- 40s in the park (nuff said)
- swimming
- yelling
- running
- laughing


Why, dear lj friends, are you excited for summertime?

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I need to learn lacework so I can make pretty shit like this:

(from ravelry)

ughgughgugh I wish I had more free time!

ps. that one part sort of looks like the beginning of a cobras head. THINK OF THE POSSIBILITIES.