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Some news finally.

Which is not that I've been basically sick as a dog for the past month (my stomach's kaput), and I've regardelessly spent the said month binge drinking (rhum night on the 15th and tequila night tonight, albeit I'm going to miss it because my body couldn't cope) and eating any junk food imaginable;
but more about the fact that my year at the library ends monday, or that I've been asked to stay for another eight months...

Everything needs to be defined but as the chief librarian left earlier this year and the new one is nowhere to be seen (did he change his mind? did he postpone his arrive? Is he going to a nunnery instead?? No one is given to know) we all have been asked to stay. That's because the other librarian can't run a library to save her life (and she's working there only from 1983!). Moreover the girl they pushed to hire (remember some post ago?) is an unable psycho, they're going to kill themselves if we leave. So we hope to get at least 600€ for a part-time job (20hrs a week). In this case I might accept it.
And it could come the time when I'll need to ponder if the life of an librarian is good to me for a lifetime. I suppose it's not bad, but who knows? I'll have to start studying seriously the obscure art of cataloguing too.

The other news is that I've finally started spending the money I've saved all year long.
The Plan is to:
- change my room's furniture (wardrobe and library for sure, maybe an armchair, less likely a dresser, desk will be no more)
- go on holiday (this around november it seems, either Berlin or London) Cristina and I started looking for infos yesterday
- the last it's been accomplished already, just yesterday! (see below)

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there's no turning back! ;)

They gave me some programs too: Cs3 Creative Suite, Dvd Studio Pro and Final Cut! (asdfghjj!! my life is complete)
Have you seen the new CS3 Creative Suite from Adobe? Too bad they gave me it in italian and I'm having an hard time with finding things on the menus. However I'm not impressed by the minimal looking icons. Didn't minimalism die with '90s??


I'm 26! (since july the 23rd, actually)

The celebration of the 26th started out very soft with the idea of a simple dinner with friends and turned out more like a 4-days-party.
- The highlights were indeed the dinner on sat the 21st and clubbing after;
- Marie Antoinette inspired party on mon the 23rd (with movie rerun on my birth day);
- delicious fish based dinner with cousins

(hem!hem! receiving nice gifs)

Being my birthday it would deserve a proper update, but it's late and I have to work tomorrow.

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[thanks for the sweetest card ever, Sio!!!]

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being 26 means having the right to photoshop yourself into oblivion.

. I end my job at the library in a month
. I've started to plan holidays (but not future jobs) and my refurbishing my bedroom
. I've spent an insane night ('till 1am!!!) at IKEA because of it
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It's been leaked!

I'm at the library blatantly doing my own business at the computer because it's too hot to leave the desk (and the fan) (29°C at 9 in the morning wtf?!). I'm doing my shift alone and the work is been reduced as close to zero as I can.

Anyboby has heard something about this?

Apparently you can already find the book online.
Ha! 20 milions of dollars literally thrown in the trash bin. Not that I'd really like to download it, but if you had the chance to read it beforehand, wouldn't give it a thought?

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i hope you're having the time of your life Daile!

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blonde redhead blonde redhead

childish fathers.
Pinch-fighting with my dad (because I feel like I have a brother sometimes) and knowing I cannot win because it's always like that. Somehow I found myself bottom on the floor. My right wrist aches and I have the feeling that tomorrow I'm going to have the brightest of bruises on my arse.

Now I think I'm going to cry over spilt butt.

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I'm sorry that some people decided to take me off thier friends list, it's true that my journal is barely alive these days, but I keep reading my friends list almost everyday, and if you haven't noticed my presence that's because I'm also a very bad commenter. Please, keep this flawed girl in your lives.

I've finally taken a saturday off from work today. The library is getting busier with tourists around and students revising. I don't even have time to hang around! Har har, I've become a true municipal employee. kidding! I really hate how it generally works (in italy) for town institutions. It's mafia. Like Paola, Lucchi-the-nerd-guy and I were asked to work at the library after we quit on september, but then they opted for some unqualified woman that hasn't spent a day in library, just because she works for some organization that it's involved with the town council and plus she's the daughter of some bloke. We can go further, the councillor who decided this hasn't even have a degree and he works for the municipality because his father did before him. See it's like a russian doll. A russian doll full of crap. My stomach couldn't tollerate the ulcer.
I'm not taking this personally. It might be very italian this kind of submission, but there's nothing you can do really. I have just to "enjoy" my time there, the bad time and the good time.
And in fact despite having a supervisor who doesn't give a damn about who works with her as long as he/she works for her, I love being with Paola, Lucchi-the-nerd-guy (shh!long story) and the girls from the film festival staff, Cristina and Nicoletta. We had a tour-de-force during the organization and the running of the Film Festival and between the laughing, the sulking and the gossiping we all became good friends, we plan to spent a brilliant summer togheter. The festival needed also a graphic designer and a translator so I got some extra pay (+€200) too. And free access. And the goodies! [in that period I managed to gain another €100 for some lame translation for a stupid chocolate fountain manual for an hotel too! extra bonus!]

During the film festival Donn Alan Pennebaker was here! I was an excited little girl.

Summer is arrived at last, it's been too insanely hot to do anything since the end of may, seriously, I'm on vampire-mode already, I stay in the house (and the torrid library) most of the time and go out only at night because it's not recommendable to be in the streets.
When I'm home I keep myself busy making fresh cd compilations for super hot car rides (41.5°C inside my car yesterday -ick!), finally having my roots done (because it's hot to book an appointment at the hairdresser), making list for all the gigs in the summer (we started already!), and watching too many old movies (the beatles' above all the others).

more for my reference than yours:

misano adriatico - notte rosa
sat june 30 h22.30
patty smith -free

ferrara - ferrarasottolestelle.it
wed july 11
arcade fire 25€

ferrara - ferrarasottolestelle.it
sat july 14
arctic monkeys 25€ (40€ w/arcade fire)

ferrara - ferrarasottolestelle.it
wed july 18
damien rice (seats: I ordine 40€, II ordine 30 €)
(still undecided about this, but my friends are going and might jump on the band wagon)

ravenna - hana bi
sun july 22 h18
au revoire simone (indie pop - usa) -free

ravenna - hana bi
wed july 25 h21
the holloways (indie rnr - uk) -free

ravenna - hana bi
sat july 28 h21
i'm from barcelona (indie pop - swe) -free

more to come!

blonde redhead
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You said you didn't care less about who Pennebaker is? He's quite cool, you see.
I need to go and eeeeaaat dinnner!

ps/ My birthday's in month exactly.