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Dancing through life

Skimming the surface, gliding where turf is smooth.

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Seeker: Gilderoy Lockhart
Keeper/Captain: Amos Diggory
Chasers: Riley McGranahan, Amelia Bones, Karen Perks
Beaters: Jack Turner, Wayland Macmillan

Name: Amos Diggory

Age: 17

House/Year: Hufflepuff 7th year

Wand: Holly and Unicorn Hair, 8 3/4 inches

Description: Short, brown hair and light blue eyes. Medium height. Boyish face.

Personality: Very outgoing and flirtatious. Also self-centered and narcissistic. Rather two faced. (He'll be kind to your face but most likely will talk about you behind your back.)

Family: Amos lives comfortably in a manor in the outskirts of London with his mother Amara and his father Anthony. Anthony is an official on the school Board of Governors and Amara is a receptionist at St. Mungo's.

School: Amos excels in Charms and Transfiguration but is horrible at Potions. When not in class he spends his time charming the ladies.

Girls: As was said before, he enjoys female company and spends most of his time flirting with as many as he can. He has a bit of a crush on Rita Skeeter at the moment but chances are that will change quickly.

Classmates: He gets along with almost everyone and is starting to trust Gilderoy Lockhart.

Fears: Losing someone he loves (including himself), being out of the limelight, having someone figure out what he really thinks about them