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Sep. 30th, 2005 | 02:10 pm
mood: contentcontent
music: Morrissey - last of the International Playboys


Yesterday some asshat backed into me at Vintage Vinyl. He offered me money on the spot, but I didn't take it, though I wish I had now.

I met him in the Delmar Loop and he basically dispelled the whole paying me off thing. It WAS as much my fault as his, so ima let it go. The Integra is getting old and it's not worth fixing or getting the goddamn insurance involved.. It (car) has a boo-boo, which pisses me OFFFFFF.

So, whatever.

I am overly THRILLED by my purchase of

Morrisey: Who put the M in Manchester DVD

OMFG - I would do ANYTHING to meet this man. I want him, even as he is as old as my own mother, I NEED to hae him. I am completley infatuated. Watching him perform is my porno.

I can't describe my love for him.

I checked out 3 books from the Library:

HOMEBODY - Orson Scott Card

I'm pretty psyched about these reads!

What will the weekend bring the Amison?

I know I m not going to go to Kirs' house - no hickeies or hash in my system as next week I am pursuing employment.

It's an absolutley gorgeous day - fall has arrived and that's tremendous. I feel good about life. I am very hungry, I am still on this waif diet and I have done well, actually. I've notced some results which motivate me to keep up te good work!!


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Another Monday

Sep. 26th, 2005 | 10:58 am
mood: energeticenergetic
music: none

Okay, so I have been lacking on updating - sue me.

I am always like this when it comes to projects.

Sooooo...looking for a good book to read, any suggestions? I like Fiction, thats all I will specify.

Well, I guess I am going to go out to Creve Couer Lake in a few. I feel like burning off some pent up energy. I dunno how well my job search is going to go this week due to the ENORMOUSLY LARGE hickey on my neck - larger than a silver dollar.

YES, I did go to Kris' house, oh well, shit happens.

Hahhaha - I can't believe he cheated on his wonderful new girlfriend - man, I am such a bad influence on guys. (just ask Alex ;\)

Okay, well, I know this was boring, but thus is my life.

Going to go work out now.

Bye whomever is reading this!!

OH, and eventually I will talk to Demonslayer on Xbox Live - he's forever leaving messages.

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Sep. 14th, 2005 | 06:51 pm
mood: thankfultrippin hard!!!
music: Thrill Kill Cult

Hey, the update came a but delayed, but her it is.

I dropped some liquid Valium (Ithink it was Valium) and went to Guo Bin. Yes, the same place I saw Sean Penn's bad knockoff. Well, this time, guess who came in?

Andy Van Slyke. He stared me down, and I was like, 'Sorry dude' cuz I guess I was in his way.

(guys, it's your turn, tell us who he is, because I had no idea at the time)

So I was wating for a table like I always do, when Viki calls and says she's in traffic. I walked back to the bathroom to wash my hands, when I came out, Mr. VanSlyke offered me a seat with him a nd some old cigar-tokin' coots. He ordered me a Bourban and we all sat around and talked about St Louis.

The big, pudgy guys were saying things like, 'Little Missy, you don't remember Andy do ya?'

I looked Mr VanSlyke in his eyes and said....

'I head you name all of the time, but I never knew what you looked like'

He was quite tickled by this and the next thing I felt was an arm wrap.

Soooo....here I am talking baseball with the Buck family (I know them well - were customers at my old bank job) which felt weird beacuse here's this red-faced VanSlyke with his arm all draped over me and Carole (Buck -became like a mother to me after I helped her sorting out her joint accounts after Jack passed) looking on and getting shitfaced drunk.

TRIPSIDE, not only was a starting to trip off of what ever I took, now I am geetin booze in me and being arm candy for some has-been Card.



Damn, I am still trippin balls.

Yeah, what about Vicki, eventually she got there, I introduced them all (her husband is going to spurt his doughboy at this one) and said, let's go - I'm not so hungry now. Then she started playing the creepiest music I've ever heard, not in a good way. I told her I was feeling woozy so here I am.

There, Ben.

There's my entry.

No, I don't have pics, but feel free to call them!

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Sep. 10th, 2005 | 10:15 am
mood: accomplishedaccomplished

Today marks my one full week sober!!!!!!!!!

I am so proud of myself!!

::pops champage:: NOT! lol

I have felt like complete shit this whole week, like total fuckig shit. My allergies have ben kicking my ass all over town. I finally got some Allegra from my mom. It's that horrible yellow pollen shit that's all over the place that makes me want to slit my wrists. It was really bad at the start of summer, and now it's bad again. On the up and up, I guess that's an indication that summer is ending, which is awesome. Fuck Missouri sauna summers. I am totally going to move out the the Pacific Northwest.

ARGH. I am dieting and I am so freaking hungry. I just came back from walking at Creve Couer Lake and now I have a blister on my heel. :-(

Alex is working today, that sucks. Working on Saturdays is a fucking bummer.

Off to play some Halo to get my mind off food!

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prioritize, man

Sep. 8th, 2005 | 06:34 pm
mood: calmcalm

My mom came up and I went shopping with her and had Japanese for lunch.

I got 2 kick-ass items that I love very much, sincerely!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I looooove my Rocket Dogs, this is going to be a great autumn/winter!

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- Cymbalta -

Sep. 7th, 2005 | 03:34 pm
mood: chipperchipper
music: Fu Manchu - Hell on Wheels (is no big deal)

My latest psychotropic bender!

I feel like there are stars and fireworks popping all around me, everything looks grand, life is good.

If only this shit could make me feel like this everyday....

I wish Fall would hurry the fuck up - I a so done with this penterating heat, fuck it, I am moving to Iceland.

HI BEN - look, another mention, just sign up for the damn free account, i'll give you a Gmail address you can use, GOSH!

This journal is way boring and simple, I need to add more pics and shit like that, but, nah, why bother - that's time I could use doing other things.

With that, I'm off.

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life in the fastlane

Sep. 6th, 2005 | 12:57 pm
mood: contemplativecontemplative

So like, I am going to fast for the rest of this week, being teh short week that it is.

I feel like there's too many free-radicals piggybacking inside of my body.

Hi Ben!

Ben Bramsen is my friend. He likes to read his name typrewritten on the intarweb. Ben Bramsen is an aspiring Journalist.

More to come....

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Sep. 6th, 2005 | 11:38 am
mood: nerdynerdy
music: Pixies - Down to the Well

OMFG - I've been bawking at the grandious popularity of Halo 2 on XBL, but, since I started messing around with it, I think I've logged at least 24 hours on the damn thing over Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

Went to Gamestop and tried to get ahold of some card-thingy that's supposed to grant you access into making a enw account, but apparent'y they aren't so popular anymore - hell, supposedly the 360 is coming out next month sometime, so fuck it. I do want my own account, but I don't think I'll get one now considering I don't actually own a Xbox myself....

So....job hunting, that's where I need to get my mind. Back into reality and the depressed market for CAD drafters.

St Louis sucks ass - believe me, even though I hate being unemployed, I am not looking forward to joining the walking stiffs, I want a job that I am going ot like. GODDAMNIT.

Gonna do the 6 mile walk here in a few, it's well needed after all of that fucking Halo...

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Morrissey is God (look, ma, I'm blogging!)

Sep. 3rd, 2005 | 03:29 pm
mood: artisticartistic
music: Morrissey

Moz has offered me some wowrds of encouragement this afternoon:
Compare the best of their days
With the worst of your days
You won't win
With your standards so high
And your spirits so low
At least remember ...
This is you on a bad day, you on a pale day

Just do your best and don't ...
Don't worry, oh
The way you hang yourself is oh, so unfair

Right now, I feel like painting or unpacking my guitar and writing some songs and shit. I heart Xanax, I feel like making somekind of dedication to it.

Alex bought a headset for the Xbox - I can't wait to get on there and verbally abuse all of the little dudes on there who are lways talking shit.

It's the simple things in life ;)

Goodbye, Amit and good luck - I'll miss your suave Punjabi charm, or is it Delhi??
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I put on a pot of Starbuck's Columbian, which I plan to put on ice. Something about strong, cold coffe and Morrissey make my troubles vanish...

(damn, those cat paws are cute, I wish I could let Sid Vicious and Sake get their little paws on some paints and canvas!)

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first entry

Sep. 3rd, 2005 | 09:24 am
mood: numbnumb
music: Old Navy 'Fresh Cords' advertisement (cool piece, actually)

How unoriginal (title)

Sooo....go ahead and gloat, yes, I now have a LJ. I guess you can file me under the 'internet dork' file, whatever, I don't care....

Again I am suffering from another hangover - story of my fucking life; the hair of the dog that bit me, when/will I ever learn?

Is it even a matter of leaning?

So like, I am sitting here, the apartment is so silent, yes, I am sitting on the floor - I have the most ghetto setup, it's quite embarassing so I'll drop the topic for now. I am trying to recall whom I may have drunk-dialed (or texted!) last night.

I know I called Kris for sure, I have no idea how involved he and that girl from Stir Fry are, I assume she's moved her shit into his weird, haunted basement. She'll appreciate me calling, fuck her.

I am so over that guy, I must have been really feeling the 'lonlies' last night to have called him.

Ben sent me a text saying that I left some inaudible, or strange message on his phone. I rule.

Alex is still sleeping - holy shit, it's 9:13 am, uhh, I have been up all night. I totally rule, can't you tell?

So like, I used to say to myself, who the fuck reads people's BLOGS? Apparently I do. I got this idea after having nothing to search for on the internet and coming across some other IGN user's LJs. Like a sick introvert, I sat here and read through pages and pages of people's thoughts - makes you redefine your own. I am now thinking in 'post form'.

This fake-tan shit is turning me orange, time to shower it off.

Maybe having a LJ will motivate me to do something with myself so I can have neat things to post about like other people. I'll break this in slowly, like most prjects I start, this will will ultimately be left for dead. We'll see.

I could use a Xanax right now - in fact, I think I will go ahead and take one.

Fuck smoking a bowl for the 'perfect hangover cure', Xanax is where it's at, man.

The best cure for a hangover, don't be an ass and drink like a fool-headed old man.

Aw, little Sake just came in and started clawing at my Yoga mat, what a doll she is!

Time to pop some pills and take a shower - I wonder if Alex will sleep in until 11:30 today. Man he's such an asshole, but I am grateful to him!

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