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Tuesday's Melody

Rarely Off-key

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I wish I had things to say about myself that made me sound interesting, but I'm afraid I ran out of those. :P I'm just a normal (up for constant debate) girl from the middle of nowhere PA and I use this journal for anything and everything I feel like writing. This could mean a whole plethora of things, honestly. What am I like? I'm a slacker, I'm dedicated, I'm fun, I'm serious, I'm crazy, I'm loud, I'm shy, I'm crafty, I have no common sense, I'm philosophical, I'm blunt, I'm sarcastic, I'm empathetic, I'm liberal, I'm straight edge, I'm kind, I'm honest, I'm brutal-- you really just need to get to know me =)

FRIENDING POLICY- I like friends. If you've read anything of mine and you've commented me before, I'll add you as well. However, if you simply lurk and have never commented I probably won't add you. So, just drop me a line or two of encouragement and I'll be on my way to your profile =^^=