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we saw paris in flames [entries|friends|calendar]

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[19 Feb 2004|06:36pm]
new LJ name = oh_tar

i will never post here again :-) so if you want me go there :-D

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i wont let time erase one bit of yesterday [15 Feb 2004|08:49pm]
[ mood | loved ]

im making a new user name. im me at ladysimmerx1 to find it out. it will to be friends only. im being friends selective. *shrug*

i talked to my mom tonight, and she told me how proud of me she is that how well i've been lately. how i let certain illusions & people go and how much better im doing cause of it. why hold on to a nightmare? why hold on to someone that eats at your happiness & lives on jealousy? makes me appreciate my friends i have now so much. though it still hurts, because i hold onto so much of my wasted time. i rather think of it annuled.

lynzi - comfortingxlie - the best friend i could ever ask for. you know the true meaning of friendship. i would be lost without you!

eden, ellie, juli - the beautiful posse. i miss my dinners with you girls. i am so honored to spend so much time with you and to study a passion that we all have in common music <333

Kiera - my dear kiera. im so glad we've gotten so close again. im always here for you and your beautiful inside and out. dont ever change. <333

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[28 Jan 2004|07:45pm]
happy birthday lar <3

we haven't spoken resently but i still think of you. i hope your 19th birthday went very well and you are genuinly happy :-D i miss you and hope to hear from you soon <333
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i'm just a girl in the world [09 Jan 2004|08:17pm]
[ mood | cold ]

yes, this entry is PUBLIC. and there is a reason for that.

i wana give a BIG thank you to lynzi (comfortingxlie)


lynzi - i don't know WHAT i would do without you! we've gotten so close this year and you've had my back through EVERYTHING. you put up with listening to me bitch and moan lmao and me being a pain in the ass.  i just wanted to say it means alot cause not many people have done that in the past. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! and i'm always here for you. we must hang out tomorrow. hehe mom said you can sleepovber tomorrow! yay. haha. tty when you get home. ;)


sorry for the randomness but i had to say that cause lynzi has done ALOT for me. especially the past few weeks :-)


i'm feeling a tab bit better. i'm getting a new job either at shop rite or the tanning salon. *shrug* either will do i suppose.

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[08 Jan 2004|04:07pm]
stolen from attention_whore

reason for lj username:
aim sn:
reason for aim sn:
do you enjoy reading my lj:
interesting fact about you:
weird fact about u:
will you post this in your lj:
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[29 Dec 2003|11:52pm]
steve is sexyyy and makes me smile :-D haha and we're gonna see eachotherrr REALLLLLLL soon. ;)

drummers kick ass
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[14 Dec 2003|07:01pm]
[ mood | bored ]

give _ambivalent more *HUGS*

Get hugs of your own

i could use some hug :-) pweaseeee :-(

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[14 Nov 2003|05:58pm]
so i joined one of thoes dumb picture rating websites. i was bored. go vote for me okay?! i will love you haha.

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and your thoughtless words are tearing me apart [11 Nov 2003|06:30pm]
[ mood | amused ]

eden played the piano while i sang to jewel todayy. hehe we goof off so much @ votch. what would i do without her? i will find out tomorrow as she has to miss for a class trip with her home schoo, *sobs* i will be very lonely in IPA and music theory classes.

i am lving for my car. my car is keeping me alive. i love my car yes i do. obsessed? slightly? gina got her car this weekend too! she got a white caviler. very nice :-)

i get my plates and registration tomorrow :-) hurah!

i must pee gosh damn. :-( arg then dance again tonight fuckerrrr.

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[07 Nov 2003|11:53pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

my mother is a psycho bitch. she fucking needs to get a life.

so i gave her the fingure behind her back & she saw and got pissed.

fuck you... yes thats right fuck you.

and she wonders why i throw up everything i fucking eat...

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[04 Nov 2003|01:16pm]

girls name tara are so fucking cool :-X lol
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[14 Oct 2003|06:13pm]
[ mood | angry ]

so i'm eating chicken for the first time in 2 years tonight... i'm kinda scared

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stlen fom [27 Sep 2003|10:42pm]
[Unknown LJ tag]
Age: 16
Height: 5'7"
Sign: sagg.
Hair Color: blonde
Eye Color: brownish
Foot Size:8ish
Heritage: irish, german, italian, hungarian, english
Birthplace: new jersey
Parents Names: debby and bill
Parents Together?: yupperz

Elementary School: sharon elementry
Middle School/Junior High: pond road middleschool
High School: lawrence hisgschool
College: for now i take courses at mercer... hopefully american university
Major (if applicable): either special ed & journalism, or music therapy
Extracurricular Activity of Choice: performing arts school, vocal lessons, exc.
Favorite Elementary School Memory: chasing craig on the playground LMAO
Favorite Middle School/Junior high Memory: oh good lard there was no good
Favorite High School Memory: freshman year, meeting krissy, meeting austin

[hygiene.. oh please...]
Shower How Often?: twice a day
Morning or Night Showers?: both
Brush Teeth How Often?: 2 times a day
Floss? (Don't lie!): once a week
Shampoo Brand: aussi
Soap/Body Wash Brand: that spring stuff
Lotion Brand: candies
Toothbrush Color: purple& white
Body Spray: candies

[love, hate, rejection, and all the fun stuff.]
Have you ever been used?: yes
What happened and why?: girls suck
Have you ever used someone?: yeah
What happened and why?:i wanted jim spo i used vince... enough said
Biggest disappointment (relationship/girl/guy-wise): jim leaving me for drugs dude... he could have had both :(
Most memorable moment: the book store, running after me and flipping me around.. and god that kiss, i felt so needed and loved :-\
First Kiss?: homecoming freshman year
Most Memorable Kiss?: the one in the bookstore right before christmas
Ever been dumped: yes
Ever dumped?: yes
Worst kisser: no comment :-X
Worst hugger: vince haha
Best kisser: no comment :-X
Best hugger: austin :-)
Are you friends with any of your exes?: vince
Sweetest romantic thing done for you: none lol

[random questions because I'm done with categorizing]
What do you want to do with your life?: make people happy
One Naughty Secret: uhmmm
One Silly Secret: iim in love with austin lol
One Bad Habit: grinding my teeth, playing with my hair, oh my there are a few
One Bad Personality Trait: i worry too much and say 'i don't know' for no reason
One Good Habit: i'm a perfectionist
One Good Personality Trait: i'm sensitive... a bit too sensitive though
One Natural Talent: writing
One Acquired Talent: singing
Thing you want to do once in your life: be happy
Thing you will never do in your life: be good at math
Where do you want to travel to?: all of europe and austrailia
Where will you never go?: antartica or alaska
What do people not get about you?: life ain't exactly easy for me
What do you need right now?: just a friend to be there and try to understand and hang out with sometimes

[ Name ]: tara
[ Nicknames ]: tara, tar, gwen, gwenny
[ Born in ]: new jersey
[ Resides in ]: robbinvile, nj
[ Good student? ]: yes
[ Eyes ]: brown
[ Hair ]: blonde
[ Shoe size ]: 8

Last time you..

[ Had a nightmare ]: last night... ughhh
[ Said "I love you" and meant it ]: austin... like a few hours ago
[ Ate at McDonald's ]: lihell years ago
[ Dyed your hair ]: late august
[ Brushed your hair ]: like 2 minutes ago
[ Washed your hair ]: around 1pm?
[ Checked your e-mail ]: 2 minutes ago
[ Cried ]: this morning
[ Called someone ]: around 2:45 to pick up austin
[ Smiled ]: w/ austin
[ Laughed ]: ^^
[ Talked to an ex ]: uhmmmm i think thurday

Do You...

[ Smoke? ]: not anymore :)
[ Do drugs? ]: no
* what kinds? ///
[ Have sex? ]: uhhm
[ Sleep with stuffed animals? ]: no
[ Have a dream that keeps coming back? ]: yes
[ Play an instrument? ]: yes
[ Believe there is life on other planets? ]: yupperz
[ Remember your first love? ]: yes
[ Still love him/her? ]: ehh, but i love austin more
[ Read the newspaper? ]: yeah
[ Have any straight friends? ] : duh
[ Consider love a mistake? ]: no
[ Like the taste of alcohol? ]:ack
[ Believe in God? ]: yes
[ Pray? ]: in a weird way
[ Go to church? ]: no
[ Have any secrets? ]: yes
[ Have any pets ]: yes
* what kind? 2 dogs
[ Talk to strangers who instant message you]: no
[ Wear hats? ]: nahh
[ Have any piercings? ]: yes
* what? ears
[ Have any tattoos? ]: no
* what? ///
[ Hate yourself? ]: there are many things i hate, i'll never be good enough
* why? look above
[ Have an obsession? ]: yes
* what? cofee coolata
[ Have a secret crush? ]: nahh
* who?
[ Collect anything? ]: yes
* what? beads
[ Have a best friend? ]: yes
* who? krissy
[ Like your handwriting? ]: sometimes
[ Have any bad habits? ]: yes
[ Care about looks? ]: in myself yes, just because i feel like i have to
[ Boy/girlfriend's looks? ]: austin is sexy... yumm lol
[ Friends and other people? ]: i<3 my friends
[ Believe in witches? ]: pagans cause i am pagan lol
[ Believe in Satan? ]: no
[ Believe in ghosts? ]: yes

[ Dress ]: sweats 4 bed
[ Mood ]: tired
[ Make-up ]: none
[ Music ]: uhmm none
[ Taste ]: water
[ Hair ]: down
[ Annoyance ]: i hate how i look
[ Smell ]: gahhhhlic
[ Thought ]: i am tired. i want crystal light
[ Book ]: i need a new one
[ Fingernail Color ]: purple
[ Refreshment ]: water
[ Worry ]: ughhh tummy is ugly and mth sucks monkey ass
[ Crush ]: austin shhh <3 lol
[ Favorite Celebrity ]: the juliana theory

Last Person:

[ You Touched ]: austin
[ You Talked to ]: mom
[ You Hugged ]: austin
[ You Instant messaged ]: krissy
[ You Yelled At ]: my dad
[ You Had A Crush On ]: austin ;)
[ Who Broke Your Heart ]: jim
[ Kissed ]: austinnn lol

Who do you want to:

[ Kill ]: no comment...
[ Slap ]: katy
[ Tickle ]: uhm?
[ Talk To ]: jim
[ Be Like ]: paula abdul

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everytime i bleed I make a fool of me [07 Sep 2003|12:04am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

hello :-P my entries are friends only... so if your not a friend then back that ass up and leave a comment... and then maybe i'll add you okay?

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