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friends only.

Friends Only.
comment to be added


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This is such a cool banner! I'm glad I'm already on your friends list! :-P
Why, thank you. :) *hugs you, then Miyavi*
Am I on your friends list ? O_o
Yes. Yes, you are. :)
Am I a friend?
*nods* :)
isn't he cute?^^
Yesh, he is. :) Very much so.
I added you ^_^ Add back? <3
*adds back* :) <333
I think I'll add you just for having that picture there lol
:) *adds you back*
Can you add me please? I've always thought you were nice. Do you remember you helped me once?...

Yes, I remember. :) Sure thing. *adds you*

hi..don't know if you have seen me before..but I've seen you often at my other friends pages, so what the heck? mind if I add you?

p.s love the pic ^_^
I don't mind at all. :) The more friends, the better. *runs off to add you*

*cuddles Miyavi*

Please add me ^_^ cuz i already added you!!! ^_^

Re: *cuddles Miyavi*

*adds back* :)
Miyavi is the most handsome guy on the Earth ^-^
One could certainly say that. :)

And, ummm, hello there. ^^ *waves* *goes to look at your journal* Tú hablas español, ¿no?
Hiya. I wanted to know if I could be added to your journal? o.o

That would be cool. =D
Sure. ^^ *adds you*

You now have the access to the demented thing that is the 'record' of my life. XD
I've added you to my journal friends ?is it ok?
You've travelled a lot. How a lucky girl!
Of course. *adds you as well* :)

Compared to others, I haven't traveled much at all; I want to go to so many places in the future.
wow you picked a great qoute. love it and the layout drool worthy. kudos ^.~
Thank you. :)

I very much like that quote, it seems to suit me perfectly sometimes.
beautiful layout *_* I added you to my friends. and your interests list made me curious.
Thank you. :) I've added you back, but I can't understand much of your journal because I have not yet learned that language.
Nevertheless, it's nice to meet you. :)
..*tiny wave* Hi, you're interesting! O.o; Mind adding me?
*waves back* Sure, I've added you just now. :)
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November 2009

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