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Frenetic Struggles of the Burning Amaranth

Queen of Toast

19 October 1987
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Tarot Cards
Page of Wands
Served at parties, but not to be taken lightly
Divinatory Meanings: The page is fun, compassionate and sweet. she holds laughter and friendship, and is successful in making the most of the random. A social chameleon
Reversed: has the power to aquire complete control of the holder's presence and is often misunderstood by her actions and eccentric point of view.
Party Trick: Variable between holders, performs disappearing acts

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Claire is the biggest Biznitch i know.... i lubs you chicken wing x – lacy_may
Claire is tempestuous and filled with passionate intensity.- polrua
You remind me of dancing starlight.- jagwire
you're passionate and fun. yeah – sum_pisces
Awesomeness On Legs, but can never remember who she's given Business Cards to.” - drjon

So, what's amaranth?
definition:- An imaginary, undying flower - unfading; everlasting: a woman of amaranthine loveliness. Of purplish-red color.

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