Life Or Something Like It

10 October 1988
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Waking up from a coma (tossing, turning)
Sweat has covered my body (my mouth felt dry)
My life flashing before me (nothing much to say)
Still it was so boring (did you hear me sing?)

Darren Hayes - Sense of humor

Marriage is love.

by canyon_deye

_amalthea is a girl who is currently obsessed with the tv shows Supernatural and Merlin. She thinks Colin Morgan is the most adorable thing on this planet (and really doesn't believe he's from this planet at all) and Jared Padalecki is TEH SEX. She also admits being in love with Jensen Ackles despite her self-denial in the beginning.

She also thinks Darren Hayes is the most amazing artist in the world and nothing will ever take his place in her heart. His music is the soundtrack of her life and has been for over 10 years now.

This journal consists ramblings about above mentioned things as well as lot of real life stuff. She will also randomly talk about her other interests such as snakes, astronomy, Harry Potter, Queer as Folk, Adrien Brody, Angelina Jolie and other interests mentioned later on this page.

She is very open to all new friends as long as they have something in common with her :)

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