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[06 Aug 2005|08:32pm]
in case you missed it, i'm not using this journal anymore. i'm using eightysix__.
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[02 Mar 2005|08:19pm]
friend's cut. if you felt as though you were removed by mistake, please don't hesitate to comment and let me know. i always click at least a couple of the wrong boxes. :)
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i talk to imaginary people in my sleep. [22 May 2002|01:11am]
friends only.

  • alicia. aka: leesha, wee-wee, leela, etc.
  • eighteen, nineteen in september.
  • growing up one hard lesson at a time.
  • sharing my life with the man i've been dreaming about since i was a little girl - prince charming, who just happens to be a dimpled redhead named scott.
  • crazily in love with bully breeds, especially pit bulls.
  • photographer, writer, creator. and not just because it's trendy.

i used to be a very judgmental, hypocritical person. i woke up one morning hating that about myself. be who you are. i know that no matter what i'm doing or who i'm with, i'm alicia to the very bone. i refuse to let anyone else's perception of what a good person is change the person i've become. i love myself, and if you don't love me, that's okay. i don't need your acceptance to feel good about myself.

i've got weird tastes in stuff, a trait illustrated by some of the clothes you'll find hanging in my closet and the mp3s pack-ratted into various folders. i'm not afraid to admit that i've screwed up royally in the past - everyone deserves to screw up once or twice or nineteen times, right? i'm an honest person. if i don't like you, i'll tell you. and i won't hint around about it, either. i'll say "i don't like you. please leave me alone." i'm an anxious person. i watch the clock constantly and have been known to have panic attacks over calling in sick to work. so what? i still kick ass.

i used to have this big list of friend requirements. they were stupid and so was i. i don't care how often you post. i don't care if you hate drugs or if you snort three grams of cocaine with your breakfast every morning. i don't care if you use capital letters. i don't care if you post song lyrics without an lj-cut. i don't care if you go on novel-length rants about capitalism or dog hair on your sofa cushions. all i ask is that you interest me, and that you let me know if you decide to unfriend me later. k?

oh. and a warning. i'm madly in love with scott. i talk/gush about him. a lot. if you're one of those bitter fucks that hates to hear the mushy going-ons of a crazy-in-love young woman, i suggest you find someone else to friend. i'll drive you insane.

comment with this little questionnaire to be added! <3 it's not so bad.Collapse )
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