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Gorgon Poisons

From the Infernal Dark, where the Dread Sisters have their place...

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31 August
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26, radical feminist, lesbian, descendant of a First Nations people, vegetarian, child-care worker, creative, passionate, alive, inspired, woman. I am a Spinster, a Virgin, a Nag. I am a Harpy, a Fury, a Fate. I am a Witch, a Webster, a Muse (and I read too much Mary Daly). I believe that Sisterhood is the most powerful force in the Universe.

dis_senter and I publish feminist creativity over at Spinning Spinsters. We welcome contributions from fellow Spinsters. Email them to: allectospoison@yahoo.com.au

Comment Moderation
First of all, this journal is for women who have a genuine interest in women's rights and commitment to sisterhood. Discussion has always been a vital part of the development of the women's movement. If you disagree with something published here, please don't hesitate to say so unless your opinions fall under the banned comments section. If you do want to engage me in a discussion about something I have posted on my journal, please treat me with respect. You have every right to disagree, you have every right to tell me how and why, but you do not have the right to insult your own intelligence by attempting to insult mine. I am not easily offended and I will merely have a good laugh at your inanity before deleting your comment. So, don't be stupid if you actually want your comment to be published.

Banned Comments

All comments that are:

...or otherwise woman-hating

will not be tolerated on this journal and will be automatically deleted.

I love to have good discussions with other women who do not always agree with me. But I will not allow comments that are insulting, woman-hating or potentially silencing of women.

let it all hang out. let it seem bitchy, catty, dykey, frustrated, crazy, nutty, frigid, ridiculous, bitter, embarrassing, man-hating, libelous, pure, unfair, envious, intuitive, low-down, stupid, petty, liberating. We are the women that men have warned us about.

goodbye to those simple-minded optimistic dreams of socialist equality all our good socialist brothers want us to believe. how much further will we have to go to create those profound changes that would give birth to a genderless society. profound, sister. beyond what is male or female. beyond standards we all adhere to now without daring to examine them as male-created, male-dominated, male-fucked-up, and in male self-interest. beyond all known standards, especially those easily articulated revolutionary ones we all rhetorically invoke. beyond - to a species with a new name, that would not dare define itself as Man.
robin morgan (goodbye to all that)

that no matter what you have done
i am still here.
and it has made me dangerous, and wise.
and brother,
you cannot whore, perfume, and suppress me anymore.
i have my own business in this skin
and on this planet.
gail murray

we need a god who bleeds now
a god whose wounds are not
some small male vengeance
some pitiful concession to humility
a desert swept with dryin marrow in honor of the lord

we need a god who bleeds
spreads her lunar vulva & showers us in shades of scarlet
thick &warm like the breath of her
our mothers tearing to let us in
this place breaks open
like our mothers bleeding
the planet is heaving mourning our ignorance
the moon tugs the seas
to hold her/to hold her
embrace swelling hills/i am
not wounded i am bleeding to life

we need a god who bleeds now
whose wounds are not the end of anything
(ntozake shange, we need a god who bleeds now)
activism, agatha christie, agnes smedley, alexandra's project, alice walker, ama ata aidoo, andrea dworkin, anti-militarism, audre lorde, aung san suu kyi, berit as, bronwyn winter, catherine mackinnon, christina stead, climate change, creativity, daphne du maurier, diane bell, disarmament, ecofeminism, eva johnson, evelina giobbe, evelyn accad, fair trade, farida akhter, female friendship, female-centred spirituality, feminist resistance, fighting corporate globalisation, fossil fuel alternatives, gyn/affection, indigenous peoples, indigenous rights, jane austen, jane campion, janice raymond, janis ian, jean rhys, jeanette winterson, kate millett, land rights, lesbian rights, lesbianism, life, love, maria mies, mary daly, miles franklin, nina simone, no sweatshop, no-war, nora castañeda, ntozake shange, nuclear disarmament, organic food, passion, peace, permaculture, poetry, rabbit proof fence, radiance, radical feminism, rage, reducing consumerism, refugee rights, reinterpreting wealth, renate klein, resisting american imperialism, resisting australian imperialism, resisting british imperialism, resisting economic rationalism, resisting marriage, revolution, robin morgan, sappho, shamima ali, simone de beauvoir, singing, sisterhood, sonia johnson, susan brownmiller, susan hawthorne, tania lienert, the bronte sisters, the chipko women, the goddess of 1967, toni cade bambara, tori amos, vandana shiva, vednita carter, vegetarianism, women before profit, women's rights, writing, zohl de ishtar

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