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Hugh Hefner, Stan Lee and Joss Whedon: male bonding over the bodies of women

Playboy founder Hugh Hefner is to star as a cartoon superhero fighting evil alongside a bevy of buxom Bunnygirls... He has teamed up with Spider Man creator and Marvel Comics guru Stan Lee to develop the TV cartoon. Septuagenarian Hefner will lead an elite crime-fighting team made up of various Playmates of the month, in the show Hef's Superbunnies, according to Variety magazine. The adult cartoon will take viewers inside the Playboy Mansion, the heart of his operation to fight injustice...

Lee said: 'As a fan who bought and cherished the very first copy of Playboy in 1953, it is an enormous thrill for me to be partnering with a man who has done so much to shape the culture of the times we live in.

'Hugh Hefner has long been one of the great communicators in our society, and I can't think of anyone I'd rather work with'.


Stan Lee is the creator of the comic book X-Men. In 2004, Joss Whedon took over writing the X-Men comic title Astonishing X-men, which, like all of Joss' work, is pretty bloody misogynist. So, what does the great feminist Joss have to say about Stan Lee?

"Stan Lee is the father of us all," Joss Whedon told CBR News. ... "Which is why he's not running that fertility clinic any more - he's lucky he's not in jail. Honestly, he (and a few others, notably the King) created the template from which every one of us works. ... It's a real pleasure to be able to thank Stan for all we have, and to finally hit him up for those child support payments."

Men as fathers, with no mothers in sight. The only females allowed to exist in this homoerotic celebration of male-bonding are 'bunnies'. Not human but objects for consumption. Yay, go liberation!

So, if Joss Whedon is a feminist and Stan Lee is his father and Stan Lee and Hugh Hefner are in bed together, that means they must all be feminists. Woohoo. Lets break out the bubbly and have a party. FREEDOM!!!!

Sorry, I'm in rather a silly frame of mind. But fuck I used to collect X-Men comics. Religiously (and I'm not one to use that word lightly). I was obssessed with the X-Men. They kept me alive through some pretty fucked experiences. I used to be fangirlish about Stan Lee and every other dick associated with the comics. I used to go on to message boards and fan sites and think and live and breathe the X-Men. Just shows how much I've changed. Now all of these men make me sick. Fuckers.
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