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Sexual Slavery of Female Children in India

The video below is an extract of a documentary called The Land of Missing Children. This is just beyond despicable.

I found the video here.

Another worthwhile documentary on the sexual slavery of women in India is Born Into Brothels.

The trafficking of female peoples, children and women, into sexual slavery is worldwide and increasing. Australia is no exception. The following is taken from Childwise which is "an Australian charity dedicated to protecting children everywhere. It is the only Australian based organisation working exclusively to prevent the sexual abuse and exploitation of children in Australia, Asia and the Pacific."

Over the last year, unprecedented numbers of Australians have been arrested for child-sex tourism. Bernadette McMenamin, CEO of Australias leading international child protection agency, believes that Australia is exporting more sex offenders than ever before. These recent arrests and prosecutions are only the tip of the iceberg and thousands of Australians are abusing children overseas.

In the last year the following Australians have been investigated, arrested or prosecuted for child-sex offences committed overseas:
1.Don Hancock (Teacher) Committed suicide in Surabaya, Indonesia. Believed to be part of a paedophile network.
2.Peter Smith (Teacher) Arrested on multiple counts of child sexual abuse in Jakarta. Believed to be part of a paedophile network.
3.Donald Storen (Bar owner) Arrested for alleged child-sex offences in Lombok, Indonesia.
4.Paul Thompson (Junior cricket development officer) Convicted sex offender arrested in Thailand and previously deported from Bali earlier in 2006.
5.Simon Vizard (Photographer) Convicted and jailed for multiple child-sex offences in Mexico.
6.Jason Mizner (Teacher) Arrested for allegedly sexually abusing a two-year-old child in Thailand.
7.Damien Walker (Teacher/Development worker) Convicted for child-sex abuse in Cambodia
8.Charles White (Volunteer for street children) Wanted for alleged child-sex offences in Vietnam.
9.Barry Glenn Illes (Tourist) Arrested in Australia for alleged child-sex tourism offences in South East Asia. Currently being prosecuted.
10.Gregory Cook (Tourist) Arrested and deported back to Australia after being convicted for child-sex offences in Vietnam
11.Ronald King (Tourist) Convicted in Australia for importing child pornography.
12.John Mountford (Teacher/chaplain) Extradited from Thailand to face alleged child-sex offence charges in South Australia.
13.Leon Wicks (SES worker) Pleaded guilty in Australia to having sex with boys in Thailand.
14.Peter Sage (Pensioner) Convicted and jailed in Australia for child-sex offences committed in the Philippines.
15.Clyde Shoebridge (Pensioner) Charged with child pornography in the Philippines.
16.Unnamed 73 year old Currently being prosecuted in Australia for sexually assaulting a 15-year-old housemaid in the Philippines.
17.Werner Wulf Extradited from Australia to India to face alleged child-sex tourism charges as part of a paedophile network.
18.Robert Scoble (Ex-diplomat) Convicted for distributing child pornography in Thailand.

Well, this has got me crying again. And I just cannot help but wonder why men hate us so very much. I really, really don't understand. How can they hate us so much? Why? Why?
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