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Still want him in your pack?

Comment fic.

I wrote this ages ago, in Rhi's journal, as a response to her comment fic, which you can read here!

I was going to add to it, and expand on Rhi's comment, (which I'll put after the fic), but between uni and Nano and everything else, I know I'll never do it, so I thought I'd just go ahead and post what I've got. It's short, and kind of pointless, but anyway. Wow, how excited are you guys to read it now! LOL. Maybe someone else can write the sequel? Three-way comment fic. ;)

Luke's in Java, angrily sucking down his third coffee, and seething about what a dick Reid can be. They had a fight this morning. One of their huge, shouting, door-slamming fights that happen every so often.

"Jackass," Luke mutters to himself. Tony, the barista, shoots him an odd look and Luke smiles tightly. "Yes, that's right," he says under his breath as Tony resumes wiping the counter. "Just ignore the crazy person."

Luke slams his mug down and some of the coffee sloshes out and spills onto the table.

"Ugh!" Luke swipes at the spill with a wad of napkins.

"Hey, what's got you so mad?"

"Noah?" Luke looks up and sees Noah smiling down at him. "Hey, what are you doing here?" Luke stands, then hesitates, unsure if he should initiate a hug or not. They didn't leave things on the best terms when Noah moved to L.A more than a year ago.

Noah decides for him, moving in and embracing Luke quickly, then sitting down opposite him when Luke gestures at a chair.

"I'm here for a freelance job at WOAK," Noah says. "I'll be in town for a couple weeks."

"That's great!" Luke says.

Noah nods. "What about you? You looked pretty pissed when I came in."

Luke huffs and shakes his head. "It's nothing," Luke says. "Just Reid being Reid."

Noah's brow furrows. "What happened?"

"It doesn't matter," Luke says. "Just a stupid fight. Sometimes I forget what a jerk he can be."

Noah frowns. "Luke, if he's treating you badly, you don't have to stay with him, you know," Noah says. "You have... other options."

Luke wonders if he looks as dumbfounded as he feels. "Noah, you're not suggesting you and I..."

Noah leans across the table and lays his hand over Luke's. "I still love you, Luke," he says. "I knew Reid wasn't right for you, that he'd hurt you."

Luke's sure his eyebrows must be scraping his hairline by now.

"We can get back what we had," Noah's saying. "You could come out to L.A with me, just like we always planned."

Luke not so subtly pulls his hand away from under Noah's, and clears his throat.

"Uh, Noah," Luke begins. "Reid and I just had a silly fight. That's all. We're not breaking up. He doesn't treat me badly, and we are right for each other. I knew we were a year ago and I know it even more now that we're living together."

"But you said..."

"I said he could be a jerk," Luke says. "And he can. But I have my own moments too. I'm sure you remember."

Noah smiles close-lipped, and Luke goes on. "I hope we can be friends again, Noah. And I'd like to hang out while you're in town, if you have time. But that's all."

Noah takes a deep breath, his eyes sizing Luke up. "Sure," he finally says. "Maybe we can have dinner or something. I'll call you."

Luke nods and smiles, and watches Noah order a coffee to go from Tony. He waves goodbye as Noah leaves, then sits back, shaking his head disbelievingly.

When Reid bursts in to their apartment that night, angrily tugging off his tie and throwing his briefcase toward the couch, Luke knows he's still just as pissed as he was that morning.

"Don't start!" Reid says, holding up one hand. "I am not going to your stupid third cousin's brother's mother's uncle's baby shower and that's the end of it!"

Luke smirks. "Oh really, Dr. Oliver?"

Reid's eyes narrow suspiciously. "Yes, really," he says. "What are you looking so happy about?"

"Oh, nothing really," Luke says. "I just ran into someone today. Someone who let me know he'd be quite happy to attend my third cousin's brother's mother's uncle's engagement party - or any other future event I wanted."



Reid's eyes narrow even more, and Luke smirks again.

"And what did you say to his offer?" Reid's voice only wobbles a little on the last word.

Luke slides up to Reid and puts his arms around Reid's shoulders.

"I told him you were a jerk," Luke says, and he feels Reid's shoulders tense. "But that you're the only jerk I want as my date. Now, or ever."

Reid's tongue dips out from between his lips, amusement in his eyes.

"Oh really, Mr. Snyder?"

"Mmhmm," Luke says, leaning in to swipe his tongue across Reid's lower lip.

Reid sighs. "Look," he says. "If you really want me to go..."

Luke shakes his head. "Nah, it's okay," he says. "It's not a big deal. It's not like he's my second cousin's brother's mother's uncle."

Reid snorts, and Luke grins, squeezing Reid tight. "I love you," Luke says.

"I love you, too," Reid says. "Sorry about this morning."

Luke nods. "Me too," he says. "So, pizza for dinner?"

Reid nods. "I'm going to take a shower," he says.

"'K," Luke says, picking up the phone to call the pizza place. He orders their usual, then decides he has time to join Reid before it arrives. He starts shucking his clothes on the way to the bathroom, leaving a trail of them through the apartment, thankful that when he and Reid fight, they always make up quickly, and that Luke never has to worry that it means Reid doesn't love him anymore, or that they're going to break up.

That deserves a blow job, Luke decides. Reid's always thankful for those. Not to mention, he's big on reciprocation. Luke's thankful for that, too.


Rhi's comment: There's a missing scene at the end, though, where Luke blows Reid, and they're so into it that they miss the doorbell ringing, and have to call for a new pizza! Only to decide they have time to screw on the sofa, and then the doorbell rings, and Reid throws a blanket over Luke, pulls on his jeans, and throws a twenty at the guy, only to discover it is NOAH at the door, not the pizza guy! And Noah's all flustered, and Luke's like, "Uh, Noah?" And Noah sees him all naked under the covers and sees Reid with messy hair and a red chest from the, errrr, exertion, and is all, "I'm sorry. Obviously, I came at a bad time."

And Reid's like, "Yeah. You did." And slams the door in his face, and goes back to Luke, who's like, "REID!!" but he's laughing and they just go back to their interrupted activities. :D
Tags: comment fic, luke/reid, my fic
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