Still want him in your pack? (_alicesprings) wrote,
Still want him in your pack?

Fic! 10 words for 10 prompts.

10 words for 10 prompts
Written By: _alicesprings
Rating: Up to NC-17
Author's Notes: That 10 word prompt thingy, try it yourself! Sticking to 10 words is hard, yo. :|

1. Angst

The break-up is the worst 38 days of their lives.

2. AU

Reid’s arch-rival, Luke Snyder, makes his move.

“Checkmate,” Luke grins.

3. Crack

Reid quits medicine for bull riding, and never looks back.

4. Crossover

“This tumor’s inoperable,” Chase says.

“Naah,” House drawls. “Get Oliver.”

5. First Time

Their first time is... amazing. And it just gets better.

6. Fluff

They marry in September. Luke cries openly. Reid cries discretely.

7. Humor

His jaw locked open, Reid glares.

Luke blushes.

Bob laughs.

8. Hurt/Comfort

Reid scowls.

“Kiss it,” Luke insists.

Reid kisses it better.

9. Smut

Luke rides Reid’s cock slowly, basking in his hot gaze.

10. UST

The return flight is torture. Luke fidgets, readjusting his erection.
Tags: luke/reid, my fic
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