Still want him in your pack? (_alicesprings) wrote,
Still want him in your pack?

LuRe Fic!

Title: How Reid Oliver Learned to Love the Hug
Written By: _alicesprings
Rating: G
Author’s Notes: Oh look, I wrote something that isn’t porn. Yeah it shocked me too. This is just silly fluff, for newssodark who has a major kink for Luke/Reid hugging. I hope you like it, bb! ♥

Reid Oliver has never been a hugger. Besides Katie once or twice, he hasn’t hugged anyone in years. Not when he was a kid. Not when he was with first boyfriend. And not when he was with his second boyfriend.

Unfortunately for Reid Oliver, his third boyfriend is a hugger. He discovers this early on. They’ve officially been “in a relationship” for less than a week when Luke approaches at the end of their date, arms raised as though to hug him.

“What are you doing?” Reid asks suspiciously, and Luke’s smile falters. “Hugging you?”

“Yeah, I don’t do hugs,” Reid says.

“Oh,” Luke says, and his face falls, making Reid feel like a jerk for about the, oh millionth, time since they’ve known each other.

“Um, okay,” Luke shrugs. “I guess I’ll see you later,” he turns toward to the door, all big round eyes and quivering lips and Christ, Reid’s only human.

Reid sighs. “C’mere,” he says softly and Luke turns and walks back to Reid, smiling shyly. Reid reaches out awkwardly, putting his arms stiffly around Luke.

At first, Luke doesn’t move and Reid starts to worry. Is he doing it wrong? And then he feels Luke shaking a little and he gets really worried. “Luke?” He pulls back to look at Luke’s face and discovers that the little shit is laughing silently. Head thrown back, tears-in-his-eyes, laughing.

“What the,” Reid says and then Luke laughs out loud, gasping for air.

“You should see your face,” Luke cackles.

Reid is dumbfounded. Literally. He stands there gaping like a fish, while Luke laughs so hard he starts hiccuping.

Finally, finally Luke settles down, chuckling quietly and taking a few calming breaths. “That was priceless, Reid.”

Reid frowns. “So glad to be of amusement, Mr. Snyder.”

“Oh god, Mr. Snyder? Stop it, you’ll set me off again,” Luke grins, and Reid’s frown deepens.

“Oh come on,” Luke says, slapping his shoulder. “Lighten up. I couldn’t help it, that was like, the worst hug ever, in the history of hugging.”

“Fuck you,” Reid says.

“Aww,” Luke coos obnoxiously, then takes hold of Reid’s collar, pulling him close until there’s just an inch of space between them. “I don’t care. There’s other ways to say goodbye,” Luke says and presses his lips to Reid’s.

Damn straight, thinks Reid and proceeds to kiss the hell out of Luke until he’s panting and groaning into Reid’s mouth.

Reid pulls back, delighted at the flush on Luke’s cheeks and the glazed look in his eyes.

“Night,” Reid says brightly, pushing Luke backwards and out the door before smiling smugly to himself.


They go out to eat a couple times and hang out at Reid’s place. A week passes by. Luke makes no further hugging attempts. Good, thinks Reid, and then frowns.

Luke’s a hugger. Reid sees that now. He hugs his mother hello and goodbye. He hugs his father, his grandmothers, his assorted siblings, his third cousin’s half-sister by marriage twice removed or whoever the hell – Reid can’t keep half of Luke’s crazy family straight. Hell, he practically hugs the hot new barista at Java who makes Luke’s coffee ”just the way I like it.”

Reid’s the only one not getting in on any of the hugging action.


They’re saying goodbye after dinner one night with Reid’s tongue in Luke’s mouth and Luke’s hands fisted in Reid’s hair. Reid’s palming up and down Luke’s back and their bodies are pressed tightly together. Reid pulls away from Luke’s mouth, trailing hot kisses across his cheek, behind his ear and down Luke’s neck. We’re technically hugging now Reid thinks. It doesn’t count as making out if his mouth isn’t on Luke, right? His lips hover above the skin on Luke’s neck, not touching.

“Reid?” Luke murmurs, impatient. “What are you doing?”

Reid says nothing, just holds Luke in the awkward position. “Nothing,” Reid finally says. “Hugging.”

“Uh,” Luke says, pulling back and looking at Reid who refuses to meet his eye.

“I thought you didn’t like hugging,” Luke says cautiously.

Reid just shrugs, still looking away. Luke bites away a grin.

“Well, that’s not quite how it’s done,” Luke says. “Let me show you.”

He steps closer, wrapping his arms around Reid and hooking his chin over Reid’s shoulder. Reid’s arms come up hesitantly, enveloping Luke’s body. Luke grins and squeezes Reid a little.

Reid takes a deep breath. Luke feels good pressed up against him, his chest is strong and his shoulders are broad, and they fit together perfectly. He’s gorgeous, and he smells good, and he’s warm. He's Luke, and they’re hugging. It’s kind of great.


Luke Snyder is a hugger. His boyfriend is not, but he has one exception.
Tags: luke/reid, my fic
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