Still want him in your pack? (_alicesprings) wrote,
Still want him in your pack?

LuRe Fic!

Title: What Happened Next
Written By: _alicesprings
Rating: NC-17
Author's Notes: You know that Luke/Reid/Casey porn I didn't write because it is SO SO WRONG? Yeah this is a sequel to that. It picks up immediately where the first fic left off. Beta thanks once again to newssodark, you're the best!! *hides*

They brush their teeth first. Luke tosses Casey a spare toothbrush from the bottom drawer of the bathroom cabinet, and they all brush in silence, watching each other in the mirror. Luke smiles a big foamy grin at Reid, who rolls his eyes, like it’s something Luke does every day. It probably is, Casey thinks.

They all spit and rinse and wipe their mouths dry, and then Luke moves close to Reid, fisting a hand in his soft T-shirt and kissing him chastely on the lips. They smile at each other, soft and sweet, and then Reid kisses Luke, his tongue snaking into Luke’s mouth to lick and explore, groaning quietly at the minty fresh taste.

The kiss ends and Luke turns around, facing Casey, who’s wearing nothing but a pair of boxer shorts.

Luke lifts a hand, hovering in front of Casey’s bare chest. “Can I... ?

Casey nods, giving permission and Luke places his hand on Casey’s pec. Casey has a killer body, they all know it. They’ve all known it, but this is the first time Luke or Reid have looked at him that way.

Luke has both hands on Casey’s chest now, stroking, running them down his sides, around his ribs, exploring the hard muscle and soft skin. He flicks Casey’s nipples with his thumbs and looks up at Casey’s quick indrawn breath. Casey’s mouth swoops down and his hands grab Luke’s hips, pulling him close as they kiss. Luke’s hands continue to explore, one stroking up and down Casey’s back, the other grabbing a fistful of hair to tug. Luke has a thing for that. Reid kind of loves it. And if the sounds Casey is making are any indication, he does too.

They break away from the kiss, both breathing heavily. “Can you wait in the bedroom?” Luke says, and Casey nods, shooting a look at Reid before he leaves. Luke closes the door behind him and turns back to Reid. “Are we really going to do this?”

Reid tilts his head to the side. “Not if you don’t want to.”

“No I—I do,” Luke says. “I just. Are we on the same page here?”

“I’m on the page where we’re about to have a threeway with a hot guy.”

“A hot guy who’s my best friend,” Luke says. “And straight!”

Reid snorts, causing Luke to grin. “Not so straight anymore, huh?”

They laugh quietly and Reid tugs Luke close, sliding his arms around his waist.

“I just want to make sure nothing’s going to change with us,” Luke says. “That’s my number one priority. I’ll go in there and kick Casey out right now if this is going to make things weird for you or do anything to mess us up. I swear, Reid.”

“I know,” Reid nods. “Don’t worry about me. You can’t get rid of me that easily.”

Luke laughs and cups Reid’s face in both hands. “I love you,” he says, eyes shining with sincerity. “So much.”

“I know,” Reid says. “I love you too.”

They walk out of the ensuite and stand next to the bed. Casey’s lying down on his back, arms crossed behind his head.

“Comfy?” Reid snorts.

“As a matter of fact, I am,” Casey grins, turning to lie on his side, head propped up on one hand.

“So, you guys okay?”

Luke and Reid look at each other and then back at Casey. “We’re good,” Luke smiles. “How about you?”

“This is fucking weird,” Casey says. “But yeah, it’s all good,” he waggles his eyebrows and flicks out his tongue lewdly.

Luke rolls his eyes and bites away a grin and then Reid is suddenly there, clutching his face with both hands and kissing him. Luke kisses back and slips his hands under the back of Reid’s T-shirt, stroking up and down his skin before breaking away from the kiss long enough to lift the shirt up and over Reid’s head. Reid returns the favor, stripping Luke of his own T-shirt and exploring the newly revealed flesh while their mouths fuse together once more.

Luke’s eyes are closed but he feels Casey shift up behind him and he breaks away from Reid’s mouth. Casey’s on his knees on the bed, putting him at about the same height as Luke and Reid. Casey’s hands come up to rest on Luke’s shoulders, before skimming down his arms and then his mouth is at the juncture of Luke’s neck and shoulder, licking at the skin and biting a little. Luke moans, tilting his head to give Casey better access.

Casey suckles there a moment and then his mouth is gone and he’s leaning forward, trapping Luke’s body between his own and Reid’s and then he and Reid are kissing over Luke’s shoulder. It’s rough, the way it was last night, teeth gnashing a little and tongues thrusting hard against each other, both trying to be top dog.

Someone growls, Luke’s not sure who until Reid and Casey pull back and both look at him and he realizes it was him. Reid’s hard against his hip and Casey’s hard against his ass and really, they all just need to get naked. Right the fuck now.

Luke yanks Reid’s sweats down, he’s not wearing any underwear and his cock is hard and curving up against his stomach. Reid does the same for Luke, tugging his boxers down over Luke’s erection. Luke kicks them off and they come together again, groaning at the sensation of their bare skin meeting. Reid grabs Luke’s ass in both hands, bringing them even closer and they grind their erections together.

Luke stumbles backward a little and the back of his legs hit the bed, he sits on the end of the mattress putting him at the perfect height to mouth at Reid’s chest and tongue at his nipples.

Reid groans when Luke bites down on his right nipple, it’s a total trigger for him and Luke grins, pleased with himself. Casey’s lying down on his side again, watching them. He’s taken off his boxers and he’s touching himself lightly, fingers skimming along his length.

Reid pushes Luke back onto the bed, climbing on top and holds himself up on his arms to kiss him, wet and deep. Reid pulls back from the kiss and Luke whines, lifting his head and chasing after Reid’s tongue. Reid won’t let him have it though, and Luke pouts. Reid laughs and then gives in, licking at Luke’s lips.

Reid sits up, straddling Luke’s thighs and reaching over into the bedside drawer to pull out lube and condoms. He sits back down and he and Luke both look at Casey, not really sure how to proceed.

Casey’s still lazily touching his cock and looks like he’d be perfectly happy to do that all day.

“Can I. I wanna watch,” he says, voice low and husky.

They nod and Reid helps Luke flip over onto his hands and knees, eager to keep going. Reid stokes his palms down the smooth expanse of Luke’s back until he reaches Luke’s ass and then he skims his thumbs down Luke’s crack lightly, exposing his tight, pink hole.

Luke murmurs happily and Reid lets go just long enough to grab the lube and slick up his fingers, then they’re back at his ass, one hand holding his cheeks open while his index finger traces circles around Luke’s hole, teasing it, before slipping inside.

“Yes,” Luke murmurs, and Reid pulls it back out, adding a second finger and pushing them inside. When he adds a third finger Luke moans, deep and low in his chest. Reid works his fingers in and out a few times before easing them out, wiping them on the bed sheet and donning a condom.

He guides his cock to Luke’s ass, pressing his way in slowly until his balls are flush against Luke’s ass.

Luke’s panting a little and he reaches a hand back to clutch at Reid’s hip. “Stay there, don’t move.”

Luke loves this part, and Reid usually indulges him but he doesn’t have the patience for it today and after a few seconds he starts moving, pulling back and thrusting back in, just a little, nice and slow.

Luke moans and the sound goes straight to his cock.

“Fuck,” Casey says quietly, and they both turn their heads to look at him. His cock is leaking, his cheeks are flushed and he looks like his mind has just been blown. Reid chuckles. You have no idea.

Casey scoots down close to Luke, tongue darting out to lick at Luke’s lips. Reid’s fucking him in long, smooth strokes, Luke’s tight heat amazing on his cock.

Casey falls back on the pillow and Luke bends to kiss his neck, leaving a trail of hot, open-mouthed kisses down Casey’s chest until he reaches his nipples. His tongue darts out to tease at them before he sucks at them in earnest and Casey throws his head back, moaning at the heat and the suction and oh yeah, maybe it’s not just Luke’s lips wrapped around his cock that he likes, maybe it’s Luke’s lips wrapped around his anything.

Casey grabs at the back of Luke’s head, holding his mouth over his chest while Luke’s tongue plays with his nipples, but then Luke’s moving away and Casey doesn’t like that, until he realizes that Luke’s mouth is moving lower and then Luke’s hot breath is on his cock and yeah, that’s even better.

Reid’s fucking Luke in earnest now, hips snapping as he thrusts in and out, his hands gripping tight to Luke’s hips. Luke sucks Casey’s cock into his mouth, all tight pressure and wet heat and Casey moans, hand shooting out to grab at Luke’s hair. He takes a fistful and holds on, not guiding, just following the motion of Luke’s head as he bobs up and down on his cock.

Reid changes angle slightly and fuck yeah. Luke moans and the vibrations on his cock set Casey off groaning. Reid bends down to blanket Luke’s back with his chest, his thrusts becoming shallow because of the new angle, and he kisses the side of Luke’s neck, then mouths at the sweat-dampened hair at his nape, breathing in the smell that is all Luke, before pulling back and speeding up his strokes again.

Luke is practically humming around Casey’s cock, overwhelmed with the sensation of being filled at both ends. Reid is fucking him so good and he’s starting to lose focus on sucking Casey’s cock, the way Reid is hitting his prostate on every stroke is driving him crazy.

Reid’s increasing the pace, increasing the force and Luke can only go along for the ride, his mouth moving up and down Casey’s cock in time with Reid’s thrusts. He increases his suction, refocusing on getting Casey off. Spit is dripping down his chin and he’s breathing harshly through his nose. Casey’s hand is still clutched in his hair and he tugs a little in warning, and then a second later he’s coming in Luke’s mouth. Luke swallows as best he can and then Casey’s cock slips out of his mouth and he takes a shuddering breath, panting hard.

Reid reaches for Luke’s cock now, gripping it tightly and stroking him once, twice, and that’s all it takes for him to come, crying out at the intensity of his orgasm. His ass clamps down tight on Reid’s cock, wrenching Reid’s orgasm from him a second later. They both collapse onto the bed, chests heaving as they try to catch their breath. After a moment, Reid eases out and Luke winces slightly.

Reid gets rid of the condom and cleans them up a little before spooning up behind Luke and throwing an arm around his waist. Luke’s face is pink, his skin glistening with sweat and a blissed out smile on his face. Reid just has to kiss him. He drops a kiss onto Luke’s shoulder and Luke opens his eyes, turning his head to meet Reid’s lips. Reid nudges his nose against Luke’s and smiles.

Luke smiles back and then turns and reaches out an arm to Casey, who shuffles along the mattress and presses in close to Luke.

Luke’s eyes are closed again and Reid knows he’s already half asleep. Reid catches Casey’s eye and they stare at each other for a long moment. Luke’s the glue in this thing, whatever it is, whatever it will be, if anything. And they both know it.

“Thanks,” Casey says quietly. Reid nods and drops his head down to the pillow, tightening his grip on Luke who’s fast asleep, before closing his eyes. A minute later the two of them join Luke in sleep.
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