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Still want him in your pack?

LuRe Fic!

Title: Sex and Sandwiches
Author’s Notes: A sequel to Relief. Originally posted HERE.

“When you said you’d make me a sandwich I had no idea it would be this... elaborate,” Luke said, eyeing the gargantuan sandwich Reid was assembling.

“The art of sandwich making - truly inspired sandwich making - is sadly lost on most of the American population.”

Luke snorted. “You sure take your food seriously.”

“As a heart attack.”

“I think that’s next,” Luke said dryly. “You’re a doctor; shouldn’t you be into healthy eating?”

“Do I look unhealthy to you?” Reid asked.

“Uh, no.” Luke admitted, vividly recalling the sight of a lean, shirtless Reid opening the door to Luke earlier that week.

Reid smirked knowingly and added a final layer of cold cuts to his creation.

Luke had arrived at Reid’s place a few minutes earlier, a blush creeping up his neck when Reid answered the door. “Hi,” Luke said awkwardly, not entirely sure how to greet the man he’d jerked off in a hospital closet just hours earlier.

Reid had pulled Luke inside by the front of his shirt and thoroughly kissed him hello.

“Hi,” Reid repeated after pulling back with a smack of lips. Luke had stood frozen for a moment, a little flustered by the greeting, but let Reid lead him to the kitchen and get him a drink.

“Where’s Katie?” he asked.

Reid rolled his eyes. “Out with Doogie Hughes. God help her.”

“So I guess we have the place to ourselves then?”

Reid perked up at that. “Excellent point, Mr. Snyder.”

The sandwich was finally ready, Reid cutting the monstrosity in half with all the dexterity his surgeon hands could provide. He presented it with a proud flourish; all that was missing was a “tada!”

“You can’t seriously expect me to eat all that?”

“Actually,” Reid began. “This is my sandwich. But I am willing to share it with you.”

“I’m honored,” Luke said drolly.

“You should be,” Reid said, transferring half the sandwich to another plate and carrying them both to the coffee table.

Luke dropped down next to Reid on the sofa and eyed his half of the sandwich sceptically, finally taking a bite at Reid’s urging.

His eyes widened. “Oh my god!” he said when he’d swallowed. “This is actually delicious.”

“It’s the condiment to cold cut ratio,” Reid said proudly. “I’ve come up with the perfect formula.”

“You’re kind of a nerd Dr. Oliver,” Luke teased.

“Maybe so, but you have to agree that’s one hell of a sandwich.”

Luke nodded in agreement, his mouth already full with another bite. When they were done eating Reid took their plates to the kitchen then sidled up next to Luke on the sofa, putting a hand on Luke’s shoulder and squeezing gently.

“You look a lot better than you did this morning, did you get some sleep today?”

Luke nodded. “Yeah, I took a nap before I put in a couple hours at Grimaldi Shipping. I’ve been AWOL there the last few days, I hate to think what everyone's been saying about me,” Luke pulled a face, his constant desire to prove himself to be nothing like Damian Grimaldi weighing heavily on him.

“You had something more important to do,” Reid shrugged.

“Thank you,” Luke said. “For telling me to stay with Noah. I needed to do that. I needed to make sure he came through this all right. You’re... you’re a good doctor, Reid. An amazing doctor. I’m sorry I ever said anything to the contrary. It was shitty of me.”

Reid simply shrugged again. “Bygones.”

Luke smiled and leaned forward, meeting Reid halfway for a kiss. The heat rose quickly between them, the same way it always did, and in minutes Reid’s hands were at Luke's fly, attempting to undo his pants.

“Wait,” Luke stilled Reid’s wrist. “We should go to your room, Katie might come back.”

“She won’t be back for hours,” Reid said, continuing to slide Luke’s zipper down.

“But-,” Luke tried to protest again but was silenced by Reid’s mouth on his. Reid kissed him until he was panting, then pulled back and shucked Luke’s pants off, staring at him with predatory eyes.

Luke swallowed, forgetting he was half naked on Katie’s couch where anyone could walk in on them at any moment. Hell, the way Reid was looking at him was causing him to forget his own name. The knowing glint in Reid’s eye told Luke that was probably the whole point.

Reid was kneeling on the floor between Luke’s legs now, his hands on Luke’s hips. He looked up at Luke, silently asking permission and Luke lifted his hips, allowing Reid to pull his underwear off. Luke’s cock was hard and leaking, and Reid stared at it, licking his lips. Luke had never seen anything hotter in his life.

Reid grasped Luke’s cock in one hand and brought his mouth down to the head, licking away the wetness there and swirling his tongue around the head.

Luke moaned at the sight of it, Reid taking this as his cue to slide his lips down the shaft until his nose touched Luke’s pubes and his mouth was full of Luke’s cock.

Reid slid his lips back up and off with a pop, admiring the wetness he’d created, before taking it in his mouth again.

He sucked hard, pulling back to swirl his tongue around the head every few strokes, loving the sounds Luke made when he did it. His hand worked in tandem with his mouth, stroking up and down, bringing Luke closer and closer to the edge.

“Oh god, Reid,” Luke moaned, and hearing his name on Luke’s lips spurred Reid on to increase the speed of his sucking. Reid looked up; his lips stretched wide around Luke’s thick cock and met Luke’s eyes. “Oh god,” Luke said again, and reached down to grasp Reid’s head, his fingers clutching tightly to Reid’s hair as he thrust his hips, fucking Reid’s mouth.

Reid’s other hand cradled Luke’s balls, squeezing them gently, then, sensing Luke wouldn’t last much longer, he began to bob his head faster and faster, his mouth and lips working in perfect rhythm. Luke pulled hard on Reid’s hair and came with a loud groan.

Reid swallowed it all and held Luke’s cock in his mouth a moment, savoring the feel of it before releasing it and easing Luke’s fingers from his hair.

“Ow,” he said dryly, rubbing his head.

“Oh god,” Luke said. “Sorry about that. I guess I got a little carried away,” he said shyly.

Reid grinned. “It was my pleasure, Mister Snyder,” he said, leaning up to kiss Luke.

Luke’s tongue darted into Reid’s mouth, moaning at the taste of himself in Reid’s mouth, before pulling back.

“That was even better than your sandwich, and twenty minutes ago I didn’t think anything could be better than your sandwich,” he said.

Reid laughed. “Lucky for you, there’s plenty more where that came from.”

“Sandwiches or blow jobs?”

“Play your cards right and you can have a never-ending supply of both.”

Luke rubbed his nose against Reid’s and smiled. “Oh I intend to play my cards right, Doctor Oliver.”

Luke pushed Reid back against the sofa and unzipped his pants. “My turn.”
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