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LuRe Fic!

So, I wrote my first non-QaF fic! It was rather exciting! It's Luke/Reid from ATWT. If you'd like some background on them, their last episode should be enough to get you through this fic. You can find the clip HERE.

Title: The First Time (and the Second)
Author’s Notes: Set in the (hopefully) not too distant future. My first Lure fic (eek!) and it’s porny. Thanks to my brill beta xie_xie_xie for tackling this new fandom for me! Originally posted HERE!

The first time Luke and Reid have sex it’s nothing like the first time Luke and Noah had sex. With Noah it was all soft touches and loving caresses. It was months and months of build up and false starts and aggravating postponements until finally, finally their time came. With Reid it’s sudden. It’s fast and hard, rough fingers bruising skin, kisses so deep he almost chokes on them.

It’s Reid pounding into him from behind, relentless, perfect rhythm, hips snapping, speed building, Reid hitting that spot inside him just right every time, every stroke, over and over until Luke can’t think, can’t breathe, can’t hold out any longer and his cock spurts thick ropes of come onto the sheets below him.

But Reid's not done yet, and his movements get faster, his thrusts deeper, which Luke doesn’t think was even possible until they are. A moment later, with his strong hands gripping Luke’s hips, Reid comes with a groan, collapsing onto Luke’s sweaty back before slipping out and tossing the used condom off the side of the bed.

Luke hasn’t moved yet, he watches Reid from under his lashes.

He’s just been fucked into the mattress by his much older, world-renowned neurosurgeon boyfriend or whatever-the-fuck, and he’s a little freaked out.

Unlike Noah, Reid makes him feel constantly off-kilter, anything but safe. It’s kind of terrifying, but also kind of amazing.

They’ve been dancing around each other for months, trading insults, volleying verbal barbs back and forth; manhandling each other... actually that part’s been pretty hot. He can read the man now, can see behind the snarky words. And beneath it all is that sexual charge sparking away at all times. But it’s more than that, too, and Reid’s quiet admissions of feeling and humanity are like a revelation to Luke.

“What are you thinking about?” Reid’s voice snaps him back to reality.


“You looked like you were a million miles away.”

“Nothing,” Luke shrugs a shoulder. “It’s just ... a little weird, you know?”

“Weird? I’d say that it was pretty normal. Spectacular, of course, as if I could be anything else,” Reid smirks. “But normal. Maybe you’ve been doing it wrong all this time?”

Luke snorts and Reid laughs. It’s rare, but when Luke manages to elicit a laugh from him, he gets a real kick out of it, sure that there are few people in the world capable of making Dr. Reid Oliver laugh.

He’s still not sure what Reid is, his boyfriend? A friend? A colleague – with benefits? He was always so desperate to define his relationship with Noah, to label it and shit, look how well that turned out. Maybe he shouldn’t be in such a hurry to put a label on this. Maybe he should just go with the flow.

Reid seems to be going with the flow right now, straddling the back of Luke’s thighs and pressing kisses into his neck, trailing them down his back and then his hands are grasping Luke’s cheeks and suddenly Reid’s tongue is licking his crack and dear god Noah never did that.

Luke groans, deep and low in his throat. Nothing, nothing’s ever felt this good.

“Reid,” he moans.

“Luke,” he hears in reply and it sends a shiver up his spine. He can count the number of times Reid’s said his first name and crazy as it seems, it’s an absolute turn on. He half laughs and half moans as Reid’s tongue resumes its work on his hole, licking, pressing inside him, making him feel so good. Then his tongue is gone and Reid’s nudging him and telling him to roll over.

Reid pushes back inside him and it hurts a little at first, but then Reid’s kissing him and he can taste himself in Reid’s mouth and it feels dirty and new, and Luke’s cock has never been so hard.

He can’t stop kissing Reid, can’t stop licking at his lips and sucking on his tongue. He can’t stop touching him, fingers gripping, hips snapping up to meet Reid’s thrusts, his ankles locked above Reid’s ass pulling him in tighter and tighter. He feels the burn in his thighs and he knows he’ll be sore tomorrow, knows he’ll feel it sitting in the boardroom when he’s meeting with the suits. He relishes the thought.

“Oh fuck,” Reid says, sounding almost surprised as he comes in a quick burst. Luke reaches down to stroke himself and Reid’s fingers twine with his own, the two of them bringing him off for the second time tonight.

Reid’s face is buried in Luke’s neck, their chests heaving as they try and regulate their breathing. Luke’s fingers card through Reid’s soft hair, massaging his scalp and drawing a smile from him. Luke smiles in return and presses a soft kiss to Reid’s bruised lips. He thinks they should talk about what they just did. He thinks they should try and define it, once and for all, but he’s suddenly tired and it’s late and he has an early meeting in the morning, so fuck it. He closes his eyes and feels Reid press a kiss to his cheek, settling in tight against him and if he’s honest with himself, he already knows what this thing is. It’s love.
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