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Luke/Reid - As the World Turns

* The First Time (and the Second)
* Sex and Chocolate Ice Cream.
* Relief.
* Sex and Sandwiches. Sequel to Relief.
* The Beginning.
* How Lily Found Out About Luke and Reid.
* How It Is.
* Lunch.
* There's No Alcohol In This. Gapfiller for the June 30 episode.
* How It Began. Luke/Reid/Casey porn.
* What Happened Next Sequel to the Luke/Reid/Casey porn.
* Sunday Morning. Filthy, filthy porn.
* How Reid Oliver Learned to Love the Hug.
* Firsts.
* In the Shower. Porny porn.
* Listen to Your Heart. Gapfiller drabble for the July 26 episode.
* Waiting. Tiny gapfiller for the August 3 episode.
* Realizations.
* Scratching That Itch. Toppy!Luke porn.
* Party Prep. Gapfiller for the August 18 episode.
* Long Day. Gapfiller for the August 30 episode.
* Remembering. Gapfiller for the final episode of ATWT.
* A Reminder. Post-show drabble.
* Luke's New Kink.
* Making it Work.
* 10 Words for 10 Prompts.
* Surprises. A sequel to Realizations. For noah_who.
* Listings. For noah_who.
* Weddings, Trains and Cindy Lauper. For noah_who.
* Luke and Reid Do L.A. For noah_who.
* Cabin Fever.
* Happy Valentine's Day, Mr. Snyder.
* Insatiable.
* Perfect Fit.
* An Encouraging Development.
* Happily (Ever After).
* First Times.
* Lukeness.
* Merry Christmas Morning
* Badass in Love
* Best Intentions


Stranded. Luke and Reid are on their way to their honeymoon when their plane hits some turbulence...

Stranded, Chapter 1
Stranded, Chapter 2
Stranded, Chapter 3
Stranded, Chapter 4
Stranded, Chapter 5


A Stable Heart. AU. When Luke has to hide out from the Grimaldi family, taking a job as a stable hand in Dallas seems like the perfect solution. It’s too bad Luke’s new “boss” Dr. Reid Oliver is such a jerk.

A Stable Heart, Chapter 1
A Stable Heart, Chapter 2
A Stable Heart, Chapter 3
A Stable Heart, Chapter 4
A Stable Heart, Chapter 5
A Stable Heart, Chapter 6
A Stable Heart, Chapter 7
A Stable Heart, Chapter 8


Collaboration with newssodark. Pic!fic universe.

June 18
The Reason Luke is Forbidden to Buy Groceries Alone
July 18
January 10
January 11
January 12
January 13 (14-17)
February 20
How Reid Says Yes
Week of October 18
The Thank You Card
The Stray


Collaboration with newssodark. Porn universe.

* The Conference Room.
* Owned.
* The Phone Call.


Will/Sonny - Days of Our Lives

* Breaking Free


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