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Well lets see so far my job has been going pretty good gettin some money. The parentals are annoying me because all I ever hear from them seems to be nagging. I want to get a promotion though that would be better but then again a promotion where i work can also be a bit sad. Cause u know im soo good at making nachos... The school gossip has gotten beter so i wont have to kick anyone else's ass. lucky for them.

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You I there are certain people at Degrassi that I am beginning to like more, okay like two. While on the other hand I beleive that makes up for the asshole who seems to think that all can be well and forgotten. Oh if we just dont say anythgin about it maybe everyone will forget, that is the stupidest theory ever.

anyways i gotta go do some VP dance set up community stuff yes that makes no sense, no i dont care. Anyways u all want some community service stuff? ive got some positons open.


So hmm not much has changed. I wish it just would. I wish people would get their own lives, and mind their own business and all that good stuff. I mean I walk through that school and I know exactly what these people are thinking about! W.e I dont care. Ok fine I lied I do care, I care because I HATE LIARS. I may not be the best role model of everythin or anything but at least I'm not a liar. I cannot stand them.

w.e i gotta go

bye ppl.

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FINALLY admitted it huh? Its about time. Everyone is a liar these days, everyone. What I dont get is why would it be Emma? Ya i dont care im gonna say names im sure the whole damn school knows by now. Damn. I gotta go to work soon, I can just imagine how friendly im gonna be today. not.


cuz you cant keep a secret
if it never was a secret to start.
at least pretend you didn't wanna get caught..

we're concentrating on falling apart.
we were contenders, we're throwing the fight
i was just wanna believe, i just wanna believe,
i just wanna believe, in us.

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sorry bout the delay but things have sucked lately. Everyone at Degrassi is being wierd, the play went ok I got sick so I couldnt make rehearsal and I found out about my slut friend Amy, cant trust anyone anyone I swear. And Jay's being wierd too, Im not even gonna start with all the rumors with Emma. I swear if one more person gets in my face their gonna regret it

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everything is crazy right now, just crazy. everyone is so emotional and we are freakin glued to the t.v all the time. its hard i feel horrible about it, but i mean why was Rick such a psycho? I have no idea what Im gonna do, thers not much to do anymore. I gues Ill jus hang out with Jay and stuff to get my mind off it.


I'm feelin the need for some caffeine right about now. My day was ok went to class, got some stuff done and then just hung out with Jay after school. I had no work today which was great im pretty sick of it, I smell like popcorn all the time. not good. anyways later ppl
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damn school sucks. i wish i could get a job that didnt require wearing a crappy uniform, but oh well at least i got one. the play is going good, sucks that im stuck with so many wierdos that long though. emma got the lead now, very strange wouldnt have expected that one, she seems so closed up definetly not play material. jays been acting kinda wierd lately, but then again he was strange to begin with. w.e i still love him

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Hey all....

lets see . school is a drag there are too many stuck up snobs. Work is turning out to be better than I thought it would be, Paige isnt as annoying as I thought she would be. That emma chick seems to be getting really wierd lately and a little too close to jay. not a good idea i really dont think im a person she wants to mess with...