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[22 Jul 2004|09:26pm]
mike from the a.k.a's has an awesome interview with peta here: http://www.petatv.com/tvpopup/Prefs.asp?video=akas

go watch it
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[22 Jul 2004|01:57pm]
i think everyone, whether vegan, vegetarian, or not should go browse, www.peta2.com perhaps even sign up for the street team.

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[22 Mar 2004|05:56pm]
so ive definately been little miss lack of update lately. lets see.

Friday~ I begged my mom to take me to the play, however she completely and totally refused! like to even let me go. so that made me sad. so i stayed home and uhm, was bored instead.

Saturday~ i was left alone so i watched, but im a cheerleader, which was such a great movie. clea duvall is so completely cute! she reminds me of amanda a bit. *giggles* ( not from saturday ~I have a KAB dilemma!~) and uhm donnie darko, also a superbly awesome movie, and home room, and, uhm, grind, which was, amusing.

Sunday~ i uhm, did all the laundry, and got some info for my govt project to which he just explained today and is due tomorrow. so noew i have to switch my topic to gay marriage because i couldnt find enough info on that one passenger law thing.and i packed for florida.

Monday~ (today) woke up, showered, got ready, freaked out cuz i thought i missed my bus, got to school 15 min later than i usually do. and uhm went to my locker, and then school was pretty much boring same old same old. sadie and i have a love Hamachaka! Kab dilemma! RAAD dilemma! woo! mmm ice cream! and donut holes, and chocolate! i have a pocket full of chocolate! muahahaha! u-her me-other her. weird. crazy how that works.

Random~ school is so weird without curt! like for real! he comes back wednesday! woo! and so yeah kyle has a gf. i diodnt say that before. but it figures because you know i actually ended up liking him, so why wouldnt he have a gf. eh oh well. and other kyle still hasnt cut his hair, but he will soon. because we resolved the issue. and were better now. and i dont know whose room i should go into for Fla, se right now i am still in ahlie, laura, and shaina's room. and there begging me to stay with them in that room but my ommie wants me to switch, and then roxy wants me to wswtich into her room with her, leigh, and anna, but i dont want to leave poor innocent sam with laura shaina and ashlie. and icant go into sadies room because they already have 5 people. HELP!~ FIND ME A ROOOOOOOOOM~ and and and. im lonely. oh!

Culture Fest~ Andy got me at EXACTLY 4! crazy timing preciseness like woah. and we went to outback and i ate a gian salad! and i was actually conversational it was weird, because im usually not! and chris p. was there with his family. and then culture fest and lots of people were there like, laura, and sadie, and ryne, and joey, and MADDI! and diana, i bought a sucker from her because i promised. and uhm lots of more peoples. like patrick and princess and sam b. and more. but yeah. Impulse performed! their the best, like ever, for real. i wish i could dance like that! and i saw amanda there too! only she dosent really know me i mean there was that one time we met, but *giggles* shhhhhhhh. so, i ate alot of food that night

More Random~ so right, ok, i saw amanda today too, and i kind of turned around and i totally think she saw me that=bad. and that new guy jesus(hey-zeus)! is totally hot. like i-didnt know-people-could-get-that-hot-hot i mean just wow. its like all anyone was talking about friday, and hes in my lunch and activity, but people are ssaying hes a freshmen but hes my activity and were all sophomores although sadie was in an all sophmore ACT last year. im confusing myself. and so im going to major in buisness administration i think. maybe. and got to casper college then university of WY unless i get into sara lawrence that it. im done now.
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[18 Mar 2004|06:42pm]
so, my mom wont take me to fbla!
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[16 Mar 2004|11:16pm]
MCUproject2004 [11:10 PM]: do you remember why i bleached my hair
Mystikchik1324 [11:11 PM]: no i dont think you ever told me why
MCUproject2004 [11:11 PM]: for you
MCUproject2004 [11:12 PM]: after what happened ever time i look at it i'm reminded love sucks and i swore not to get it cut until this problem is cleared up
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[14 Mar 2004|09:14pm]
im dying inside.
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[14 Mar 2004|04:46pm]
friday i went to briannas, and laura showed upand we went to chris's. and laura left and jon came back, and then we went to dennys and waited for a kyle. he got there. i actually ate food. i like kyle. then we went outside and kyle and jon ran into the wall and kyles head dented the wall. and the nwe went and sat o nthe benches and waited to get picked up and then i didnt know if i should hug kyle or not, so i didnt. and then me and bri went back and waited for ehr parents to leave then we watched home room then she got in the shower and i went online and then we eventually ended up sleeping and my dad got me in the morning. and i went grocery shopping then to elisas to get ready for turnabout then jeremy, luke, alyssa, and sadie came for pictures than we went to salutos. our reservation of 17 turned into 6. so we ate food, and people from carmel walked in and jake slade was their! and a ton of other people i knew too that go to warren that went to carmels turnabout then the dance sucked most of it anyhow the end was fun last three songs i danced with curt that was the only time i was even around him. i texted with jason spaid a bit he wanted me to get online when i got home to talk to him but i didnt go home so i couldnt. then bakers square and elisas now im home and just lost the best friend i ever had and i dont even know what i did.
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[12 Mar 2004|11:12pm]
i really hate when people make me realize how horrible i actually am. i feel terrible for everything ive put sadie through. we were inseperable for years. i mean we could practically read each others minds. and now, ive just given her something worse than hell. i dont know who i am anymore. and im dead inside. i need to find somethign to fill that void. the empty space thats in my heart ever since....just ever since. and its wrong that im looking for a person to fill that space when really i should be looking for who i really am to fill that space. im a bad person.
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[08 Mar 2004|09:56pm]
im sick of everyone fucking telling me what to do. ditch him megan. make him go with you. dont go with him. come with me. go away. talk to so and so. do this do that. jsut shut the hell up already! ergh! so. turnabout curt said no to coming ot olive garden because he didnt like going out b4 hand. but hes going to fridays. b4hand. explain that to me? so im jsut glad ill get ot be with elisa and curts paying fo rmy ticket because he never lets the girl pay. i always pick the assholes dont i? time to reevaluate megan.
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[06 Mar 2004|03:20pm]

[001.] First name: Megan
[002.] Middle name: Nicole
[003.] Last name: Arnow
[004.] Nickname(s): Dixie, Meg
[005.] Sexual reproductive organ: vagina
[006.] Age: 16
[007.] Date of birth: 11-24-87
[008.] Hair color: blonde naturally, a reddish colour now soon to be a different red.
[009.] Eye color: blue, green, and orange
[010.] Your race?: white
[011.] Glasses or contacts, which one are you rockin?: glasses
[012.] Do you have braces(on your teeth)?: no
[014.] How long is your hair?: almost shoulder length
[015.] What city/state were you born in?: chicago il
[016.] Where are you living now?: old mill creek il
[017.] Whats your screename (please specifie wether aim, yahoo, ect.)?: aim-bleedingxsanity aol-mystikchik1324
[018.] How many piercings do you have?: just ears
[019.] What do you want to get pierced?: belly button
[020.] Whats is your nationality?: im part choctaw
[021.] Today's date is: 3-6-04
[022.] What color would you never where?: there isnt a colour id never wear
[023.] So how tall are you?: 5'9 maybe a bit taller
[024.] Have any bad habits?:
[025.] What tattoos do you have, if any.:
[026.] Do you want any tattoos? If so what do you want?:
[027.] Would you get plastic surgery on your face?:


[028.] Shape: broken heart
[029.] Website(s): thedilly.com
[030.] Pair of shoes: my chicks
[031.] Vegtable(s): cauliflower
[032.] Fruit(s): asian pear
[033.] Magazine(s): metal edge, revolver
[034.] Color(s): black and pink
[035.] Fashion designer(s)/Firm(s): none
[036.] Author(s): christopher pike
[037.] Scar: the one on my right arm
[038.] Book(s): the immortal by christopher pike or ghost host by marilyn singer
[039.] Headache medication: excedrin migraine
[040.] Drug(s): just caffeine
[041.] Television channel(s): fuse
[042.] Movie(s): pretty in pink or empire records, oooo r the truth about cats & dogs.
[043.] Comedian(s): none
[044.] Country besides the U.S.A.: australia
[045.] saying: oy vey with the poodles
[046.] Show: gilmore girls
[047.] Sport: hockey
[048.] Gum: clove
[049.] Scent: the man candle!
[050.] Ice cream flavor: mint chip
[051.] Season: spring
[052.] Holiday: samhain
[053.] BAND(s): vice, anticure, rule 22, fireshed, you know all the local stuff no ones really heard of
[054.] Rapper(s)/MC: tupac
[055.] Singers: lisa loeb, johnny lang!
[056.] Genera of music: rock
[057.] Number: 13
[058.] Junk food: big hunk bars
[060.] Overall food: fettucini alfredo
[061.]Thing in your room: canopy
[062.] Computer: this one
[063.] shoe brand: converse
[064.] Fast Food: mcchicken
[065.] Alcoholic beverage- kahula
[066.] Restaurant: BD's
[067.] Time of day: the devils hour
[068.] City- buffalo grove
[069.] State: something tells me come spring break itll be florida
[070.] Boys name: bradley benjamin, dan
[071.] Girls name: lily marie
[072.] Mall: woodfield
[073.] Video Game: animal crossing! lol
[074.] shampoo: herbal essences
[075.] board game: none
[076.] computer game: none
[077.] Car: el camino!
[078.] Music video: crawling~linkin park
[079.] Curse word: fuck
[080.] Word: serendipity
[081.] 80's band: thats a question without an answer
[082.] Month: october
[083.] Pet: niki
[084.] Scary movie: i ont watch scary movies...no one to hold on to.
[085.] Possession: my bunny, ive had it forever, its all worn now.


[086.] Have you ever smoked a cigarette?: no
[087.] Ever been arrested?: no
[088.] Have you ever tried illegal drugs?: no
[089.] Have you ever gotten drunk at a party?: no
[090.] Ever thought about, or even tryed running away from home?: yes
[091.] Have you ever been in a physical fight?: yes
[092.] Ever kicked a guy in the nuts?: yes
[093.] Ever had to bitch-slap anyone?: no
[094.] Have you ever stolen anything?: no
[095.] Have you ever broken the law?: yes
[096.] Ever thought of suicide?: yes
[097.] Have you ever attempted suicide?: yes
[098.] Have you ever cried?: yes
[099.] Ever had an emotional breakdown?: yes
[100.] Have you every killed anything?: yes, bugs


[101.] Do you sing in the shower?: yes
[102.] Do you talk to yourself?: all the time
[103.] Do you believe in yourself?: most of the time now
[104.] Do you like taking my longass survey?: of course
[105.] Do you play any instruments?: no....
[106.] Do you want to go to college?: i dont know...
[107.] Do you want to get married?: yes
[108.] Do you want any children?: perhaps
[109.] Do you think you're a health freak?: no
[110.] Do you get along with your parents?: on occaision
[111.] Do you get along with your siblings?: sometimes
[112.] Do you think you're popular?: heh no


[113.] on making abortions illegal?: no
[114.] on decriminalising marijuana?: eh
[115.] on Bill O'Reilly?: meh?
[116.] on the christian religion?: eh
[117.] on gay marraige?: YES!!!
[118.] on the Patriot Act?: neh
[119.] on the war in Iraq?: gah...bad..


[120.] What are your phobias?: heights, and open or deep water
[121.] Do you have any unusual habits?: i dont know. do i?
[122.] Have you ever been on a subway?: no
[123.] What country would you want to visit?: ireland
[124.] What was the last thing you drank? cherry coke
[125.] Do you like your handwriting?: no
[126.] What drugs have you taken illegally? none
[127.] What is the one thing that annoys you most?: singleness
[128.] Who do you miss?: robert kraman
[129.] What do you collect? old books
[130.] Are you perscribed to any medications? tri-nessa
[131.] Where do you want to attend college?: sarah lawrence
[132.] What song are you listening to?: currently, nothing
[133.] What if for one day you were invisible, what would you do? do everythign ialways wanted but never could
[134.] Who are three people you totally hate?: i dont hate
[135.] How many pillows do you sleep with?: like3 actualy, 1 of those shair liek ones, and 3 deacoratives
[136.] What color is your room?: white soon to be black and hot pink
[137.] How big is your bed?: twin
[138.] What is your dream job?: music journalist for metal edge or revolver
[139.] What's the most useless class in school?:
[140.] Does your mom like the song "Hey Ya" by OutKast, like everyone elses?: i dono
[141.] Who is your daddy, and what does he do?: eh
[142.] Have you ever been in a car accident? no
[143.] Whats your favourite animal?: manateee
[144.] Do you know HTML?: i can do bold, italic, and underline
[145.] Who is your favorite teacher?: mrs. harpke
[146.] What do they teach?: reading over at millburn
[147.] What do you think of designer labels?: neh
[148.] What is your biggest accomplishment?: i dont have any
[149.] What is your biggest dream?: to be happy and in love
[150.] What's your school's mascot?: a smurlin
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[05 Mar 2004|05:20pm]
SURVEY WITH A TWIST - YOU fill in the blanks about ME and post it as a comment. But first post a blank one in your LJ so all your friends can return the favor to you. Be honest, they're really cool to get back, you might find out something you missed before.

1. My name:
2. Where did we meet?
3. Take a stab at my middle name:
4. How long have you known me?:
5. How well do you know me?
6. Do I smoke?:
7. Do I believe in God?
8. When you first saw me what was your impression?:
9. My age?:
10. Birthday?:
11. Color hair?
12. Color eyes:
13. Do I have any siblings?:
14. (If opposite sex) Have you ever had a crush on me?
(If same sex Have you ever been jealous of me?
15. What's one of my favorite things to do?:
16. Do you remember one of the 1st things I said to you?
17. What's my favorite type of music?:
18. What is the best feature about me?:
19. Am I shy or outgoing??
20. Would you say I am funny?:
21. Am I a rebel or do I follow all the rules?:
22. Would you consider me a friend?:
23. Would you call me preppy, a homie, average,
sporty, punk,hippie, glam, nerdy, snobby, or
something else?:
24. Have you ever seen me cry?:
25. If there were one good nickname for me what would it be?:
26. Am I a virgin?
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[29 Feb 2004|11:00pm]
im going to turnabout with curt
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[29 Feb 2004|04:16pm]
"Tis leap year day! Happy birthday nick johnson whereever you are! yay your 4! finally! anyways tonights choir rehearsal, and its nice out so im wearing my yellow plaid skirt....and uhm....i went to the palatine library today and got many books..... boy meets boy...should be good, it has the best jacket biography ever in it...... and some other stuff too....
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[26 Feb 2004|05:51pm]
a bunch of people keep giving me crap about liking curt. i wish they would just stop. they keep telling me how gross it is that i like him,and they keep calling him an asshole and it pisses me off. ive liked him since the beginning of last year, and anyone who has a problem with that should just bugger off. and theres the other side of the specturm the people who are saying that him getting to know me is a sign that he likes me or some shit like that, they should all just bugger off as well.
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[25 Feb 2004|06:25pm]
lesson of the week: dont ditch school with 2 friends, walk to wildwood, hop a bus to libertyville, catch a train to chicago, go to the alley for hours, and end up in westmont getting picked up by your friends mom with your friend
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[22 Feb 2004|10:14pm]
i really have nothing interesting to say. so im just gonna type and see what comes out. im sick again, the same shitty cough i had before. it never goes away for more than a few days. I don't know whats going on with me anymore. I have feelings for 2 people mainly, and i really dont know how they feel about me. when you meet people they should automatically tell you how they feel about you. that would make life easier.
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[22 Feb 2004|09:09pm]
"I don't wanna be anything other than what i've been trying to be lately"

he's trying to get to know me, and everyones saying its a sign, a clue, and that this is the one time i should read into it, while its the one time that im not. It really doesnt make sense when usually i over analyze everythig to the point of heartbreak. what's happening to me? all of the sudden im changing and i just dont know why. i'm becoming an entirely different person. I mean i still like the same thigns as i always have but, im changing, im not over analyzing, im really not analyzing at all. and im becoming more confident with who i am. I dont know if i want to change.
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[21 Feb 2004|04:40pm]
last night was insane. so Jesi and I got dropped at McDonalds in libertyville around five and walked down to the civic center at 5:30 got there abot 5:45, keep in mind hte shows dont typically get started til 7, so she had a ciggy and then we went in cause i saw michelle. so we hung out for awhile and the show started up and a ton of people hat were supposed to go didnt show up. so basically me, jesi, nina, matt, and ryan hung out the whole time, and i changed my shirt twice in the back hallway. and uhm. i tripped over megan pratcher. that was funny. and i called ben and after one acts he was gonna take me and jesi home. then we started hanging out with theses guys from vernon hills. brad, and 3 others. and ben never called and so me and jesi didnt have a ride home so we had to beg brad to take us. he had to make two trips cuz we all couldnt fit in his car! so he took me and jesi home, and at first we thought he was pissed, but then he didnt. so theres a curve where magnolia turns into a different street. and brads car dysfunctioned and we got stuck in the snow in someones yard and we had to get out and puch the car, it was hella funny, we were all laughing, and then i promised to dedicate my column next month to him, and he said cool and left, and me and jesi felt so bad. but so we went into her room, and talked and listened to music and like at 2 or 3 we decided we were starving and went up to get food we had fruit snacks, milk, PB&J, chocolate milk, sushi, nd cheese. quite good. then we went to sleep and this morning we woke up at like 10 and had coffee and sushi. and then got ready to go to the mall with her mom, aunt, sisters, and grrandparents. that was quie fun. there was this guy, playing harmonica and dancing, he shall be called harmonica guy. he was cute. so we followed him, but then we lost him. and yeah. jesi's tiny sister is so adorable, she treats me like an older sister. i love tiny Jaci, she was begging me to buy her a pretzel at the mall and trying to get into my purse to get money, it was so cute. i told her she couldnt have a pretzel because she didnt finish her spaghetti. i wish i had a tiny sister.
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[19 Feb 2004|09:22pm]
they arent going together anymore. and that should probably cheer me up along with the multiple superb conversations, but it doesnt.
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[19 Feb 2004|06:15pm]
my parents are going to force me to go to zion next year. today has been hell. minus a few points.
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