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We're having the time of our lives.
Everything is wonderful.
What more can I say?
One of the best countries in the world.

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Today was a Mixed Bag Monday.

Bad things:
- closed my finger in the bedroom door on my way to 8 am class -- great way to start the morning
- slipped on the stairs in the Communications building and bruised my side and my pride
- stubbed my right big toe twice on the bricks and once just now in the shower
- nearly ate shit twice on the wretched bricks

Good things:
+ Voorhees extended the Dante paper due date until next Monday, and I'm scrapping everything I worked on over the weekend and starting over and it's going to be even BETTER
+ In drawing class we had a male model -- not only was this the first time I've gotten to draw a nude male....he was an attractive nude male.
+ It was absolutely gorgeous and sunny walking home from class, and Sufjan Stevens fit it perfectly (even if the lyrics are sometimes sad, the music is happy)
+ I get to watch "24" (!!) with Casey (!!!) tonight
+ Blink-182 is such great fun for goofy nostalgia

Now I have lots of work to do. I'm in a better mood now that the day's over. Mostly I feel better about my Dante paper (and even the poly sci test on Thursday) so that relieves a lot of unhappiness.

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I had some questions about Dante's Inferno for our paper, so I emailed the professor. This is what she emailed back:

"Yes evidence from all Inferno is permitted--since we are dealing with the principle of correspondence, which is related to your duality question--good is high up and as we go down the "CHain" or "spiral" things become LESS good until they are frozen—the good no longer recognizable--reason totally perverted into stupidity--Yes also there is the Platoonic distinction between the REAL WORLD OF THE GOOD (metaphysical=eg GOD's PARADISE kind of=perfect world of ideal forms) and the apparent world (our "real" world of experience ) that is only a pale copy of the REAL and flawed ...Duality is the princial way of looking at things in the Western World--there's always two sides to everything...Also of course the schism=split=tongue of the serpent split-flames are often split like a beard...=conflict==the treacherous behaviour of a lot of people in hell: on the outside nice=inside rotten....the barrators etc...Satan was once the most beautiful of angels...NOW he is stuck as the ugliest and most beastly of creatures=rotten stupid reduced to simple and sterile mechanical movement...windmill without producing wheat that nourishes...yet he still is at the orders of GOD by punishing the sinners for him...feeding on sin...
So yes show me what you got on tomorrow,
hope this helped


This is how she lectures, too!!
Dear lord.
Okay, off to try and make some sense of this...
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Death Cab for Cutie was AMAZING. Some bands can really screw up a live show but they were great -- that is, they sounded great; I couldn't see the stage and I pretty much hate tall people. One of my favorite moments was when Ben Gibbard said "Hey, we're Death Cab for Cutie and we're from Seattle, Washington" and a few people in the crowd yelled "YOU'RE FROM BELLINGHAM!" Hell yeah, bitches.

Casey came down this weekend and we had a blast. I think my parents really like him, which is a relief. I'm bummed that he's gone now; we still have 2 more weeks to go. Blah.

So, all my friends are home now. Huzzah! I have to see you. As soon as possible.

Oo, so very tired. Goodnight!
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Le sigh

I'm out of milk but I'm very broke. I might have to resort to filling an empty water bottle with milk from the dining hall. How resourceful/pathetic.

Math is kicking my ass.
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Oh, it's on, bitch.
There's no way you can blast your fucking Gretchen Wilson country shit and live to tell the tale.


Damn, my laptop speakers don't go loud enough.

Sigh, so much for a nap. I'll make a duct tape wallet instead.
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I <3 The Northwest

Kayaking was amazing. The lake was breathtakingly beautiful. It was surrounded by forested hills and the sky was enormous above us, with bits of blue sky and the occasional sunbreak. Towards the end it got cloudy and overcast, but it still didn't spoil the beauty of the whole adventure. It was therapeutic to be on the water. I was in a double kayak with dragonboater Emily from Portland, and we couldn't help but let our d-boat instincts kick in. It felt so great to be paddling again. We talked, half-serious, about starting up a team here. We talked about home and the future and travelling and so many other things. We went with two other girls, Catherine and Kim. Kim brought a camera and so when I get the pictures from her I'll post them or something.
Oh it was so much fun.