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michigan a go-go
all women have secrets, and these are mine.
New livejournal.


two underscores.
5 bleeding hearts // what did you say?
this public entry is for you since you say you can't ever read anything in my livejournal.

um, i got have an A in english.
there's some news for you.
what did you say?
Mary: "What's it say? I can't read it."
Jeska: "That's because it's in Latin."
what did you say?
someone come over to my house and fix my computer troubles for me

connecting this stupid wireless thing is just too fucking complicated for my teeny little brain to handle

please? i'll make you cookies.
3 bleeding hearts // what did you say?
"An estimated 20,000 babies are delivered in Mulago Hospital every year in conditions we would find unimaginable in the states. Pregnant women must bring their own plastic sheet to cover the bed, a pan to wash, clothes for themselves and the baby, and their own care provider to wash them, feed them and help them return home. At any time, as many as 40-60 women labor in one room and there is no anesthesia or pain medication. After delivery, moms and babies are lying everywhere in the corridors exhausted and sleeping. There is very little infant crying, just an overwhelming sense of fatigue. The nurses are strong and caring, but with 60-80 deliveries a day and little to no resources, their burden is truly enormous. The antenatal clinic faces equally daunting obstacles, but they are extremely dedicated and are working as hard as possible to effectively implement the intervention program funded through the Call to Action Project."

from the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation website.
what did you say?