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Journal of An Aspiring Drama Queen

Because all the world's a stage... and I live for that chance to shine.

1 December
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Wow, how many times have I had to change this thing? Hi, I'm Kat, Kitty, or Mommy, depending on how and how well you know me. I am 27, currently living Denver with my 5 yr old son.
Currently a waitress, I'm going back to college this year. I already have 2 years pursuing a theatre major under my belt. I spent one year at NVCC in Connecticut, then transferred to University of Colorado- Boulder for a semester, and then one semester at the University of Colorado- Colorado Springs. Fun Stuff. I used to be a singer/actress, but I love all aspects of theatre and would love to own/run a community theatre of my own one day, as well as a nice diner/cafe (in addition to whatever else I'm doing!). That's it for now, I guess. Ask questions if you want to know anything else!

Oh by the way... Sagittarius (Ophiuchus), Gemini rising, Pisces moon. Ha! Now try and figure me out!