Happy Yuugi

::Screened for everyone except Bakura and Marik::

The Other Me saved me and took me back from Bakura and Marik's apartment. So now I'm back at the Game Shop again. They didn't hurt me at all, but I didn't really feel safe there and I'm just much happier being back at home. Bakura and Marik always scare me even if they don't say anything to me. Wearing a pink cat costume, drinking from a baby bottle, and getting inside a cage wasn't exactly comforting. I'm so happy to be back home!

Has anything new been happening with any of you? How are all of you?

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Crying Yuugi


Marik came to the game shop the other night to take Malik's old things. He pretended that he was going to kill me at first, and then he went to go steal Other Me's things. Even though the Other Me no longer lives with me at the game shop he could come back to get his things at any time. What kind of hikari would I be if when Yami came I told him that I let somebody steal his things? I tried to stop Marik and I was successful, but I think I got him angry. Before he left he told me "next time I see you I can only guarantee pain." I don't think he was kidding about that. I'm scared.

And this time the Other Me won't be able to rescue me. He's in Egypt looking for Kaiba. I'm not mad at him. It's okay. I want him to find Kaiba. I really do. But I'm scared...I'm not going to be able to stop Marik! I can't do anything without Another I. I'm weak. I'm nothing without him.

Grandpa's worried about me too. I haven't come out of my room in a few days, and I just told him that I was sick. The truth is I'm scared that when I leave my room Marik's going to be waiting for me and he's going to kill me. This is pathetic. I can't believe I'm letting someone do this to me...

No, I can't let someone do this to me. I need to be strong. I will be strong. I can stop Marik on my own. I won't let him hurt me. I'll be fine and everything will be okay. Because...everything ALWAYS turns out okay...doesn't it?
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Serious Yuugi


Something really bad happened to Kaiba. He did look pale and sick to me, but apparently it was much much worse. And now he's gone.

Another I isn't taking it very well. He's really upset. I hate seeing him like this. I want to help him.

I'll do whatever I can to get Kaiba back. For Other Me's sake.
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Angry Yuugi [hales731]

I can't believe you.

Attention everyone;

As of right now the Pharaoh is no longer going to be considered my Yami. We have nothing to do with each other. I am nothing like him. And I no longer want to be like him.

My Yami is just a spirit who doesn't care about anybody but himself. He doesn't care about his hikari or what his hikari wants.

He just goes around killing people.

Yami? I know you could read this. What's the point of screening it? You deserve to find out how I feel somehow. Get out of my life.
I can't believe I EVER had feelings for you. No, I can't believe that I ever TRUSTED you.
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Malik raped me.
My Yami is dating Kaiba.
I think I'm more in love with my other self than I ever been.

There seems to be a lot of drama in my life lately.
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Quiz thing stolen from Malik...

SUPA UKE!You are -100% uke!
You are cute, loveable and huggable, everything a
seme would ever want! You either have very
mediocre skills/powers or have no skills at
all. But that doesn't matter, You exist only
for your seme's pleasure. And if you are lucky,
you will be protected for the rest of your
life! I wish you luck my little one.. for you
are doommmedd doooomed for eternaty.

Most compatible with: Any seme actually!

Ultimate Yaoi-level selector!
brought to you by Quizilla

Malik called me an uke once when we went to the mall, together. I still don't really understand what it means but...I guess it's true?
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