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it's only in your head you feel left out

Firstly, huge fic rec - luna_exchange. One of those rare times where I see an exchange I absolutely love but manage to restrain myself from signing up. Everything posted so far is utterly gorgeous, there's some truly wondrous gen (I especially recommend 'You Always Liked Apples Best') and the romance fics are just as lovely and just, omg, Luna. If you adore her as much as I do, you should definitely head over there whenever you're in the mood for fic ^^,

I finished that Tom/Dougie pic! It's shiny *g*

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Doctor Who :: tardis

No Angel! Wheee!

I wish this fic would hurry up and finish itself. I have at least two other Mcfly AUs I wanna start posting, but I promised myself I wouldn't until I'd finished this one. Sigh =/

Title: No Angel, Chapter 5
Rating: R
Summary: After a failed suicide attempt and a refusal for help, Dougie is admitted to the psychiatric hospital for treatment with his severe depression. There he meets some of the strangest people he has ever encountered, patients and doctors alike.
Pairings: Oh, many =)
Warnings: Depression, schizophrenia and various other psychiatric disorders.
A/N: The Rousseau thing? I recently watched this programme about the Romantics, purely because David Tennant was in it of course, and instead found myself agreeing with what was being said. So therefore Dougie’s saying it too.
Previous Chapters: Introduction - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

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