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Doctor Who :: tardis

Green Day. Shocking.

This took me two years to complete, thanks to my habit of ignoring it for five months at a time. And now it's finally finished. OHEMGEE. 7000+ words and the most fucked up thing I've written to date.

Title: Fairy Dust
Rating: R
Genre: Dark Fantasy
Pairing: Billie/Tre
Summary: Billie Joe meets a mysterious woman in his regular bar one night. She convinces him to go back home with her, but soon Billie finds himself trapped in his own twisted reality.
A/N: I know it looks Mary Sue-ish at the start, but there's a reason and I promise you there is slash in there. Somewhere. And god, this was so fun to write =D

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Doctor Who :: tardis

Green Day fic

I finally forgave my computer for deleting about 12 pages of fic enough to start writing on it again. Angst-border-lining-smut ensued.

Title: Trading Air
Pairing: Mike/Tre and Billie/Jason
Rating: R
Part: Standalone
Summary: Set after Warning came out and the band were barely talking.
Disclaimer: Don’t own, know or sue. K?

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