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Apologies, I'm just being dreadfully organised. Making all my fanfic100 things in seperate entries 'n all...

Title: Pain
Rating: PG
Pairing: Howince
Summary: The aftermath of a good night out.
Disclaimer: As if. Not mine, etc.

Howard can smell what Vince had for dinner last night. And it does not, in any sense of the word, smell good at all.

He knows it's what Vince ate last night, because this morning it is now a fetching shade of mushy green and is currently spewed, almost decoratively, over the bathroom walls, floor, sink, shower and bath. Everywhere, it would seem, except the toilet.

Howard is going to hurt Vince so, so much when he next sees him.

Which, fortunately (or unfortunately, depends who's point of view you want to see this from) is only a few seconds later, when Howard notices a shivering lump curled up in the bath, clothes rumpled and creased all over, hair sticky and at a right angle to its head. Howard steps (albeit slowly, and with much hesitation) over to him, stares at the shaking figure for a moment, then carefully raises his foot and nudges him, making sure to get the tip of his shoe right into Vince's ribs.

'Owww.' Vince whines, not moving. There’s a note of acid in his voice.

Howard just nudges him again, slightly harder.

'Owwwwwww!' He moans, a lot louder, with an added hint of nausea this time. Then starts coughing. Then, with weak hands, grips the side of the bath and pulls himself onto his knees, looking like he is about to start all over again.

'Oh no, little man.' Howard darts away, hopping over the putrid puddles with surprising agility, flailing his arms somewhat in an attempt to keep his balance. He almost skids out the door, grimacing, while a weak snigger claws across the room and Vince slumps back down against the white plastic.

Howard leaves Vince to his hangover. Then puts the mop and bucket outside the bathroom door, and leaves the flat completely.

‘Serves him right.’

My LTD ^_^
Tags: fanfic100, fic, slash, the mighty boosh

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