keeping it vaguely imaginary (_afterism) wrote,
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Fanfic100 - 013 Yellow

Title: Lemon
Rating: G
Pairing: Howince
Summary: Vince wants shiny hair.
A/N: From a little drabble meme I'm doing - lo0o0ony_lauren gave me the theme 'Lemon'. Go here if you want a drabble too =)
Disclaimer: As if. Not mine, etc.

'Howard?' Vince called from the sofa of the Zookeeper's hut, his legs drawn up as he lay across it and flicked through a glossy magazine, glancing at the pictures of shiny-haired celebrities. 'Hey, Howard? Did you know that washing your hair in vinegar makes it shine more?'

Howard, stepping away from the sink where he had been idly cleaning cups and moving so he could peer around the corner at Vince, said, 'The Victorians did that, Vince. Because they didn't have shampoo, or conditioner, or any of the products you use on yours every single day, yeah?'

'Whatever! Can we try it?'


'Washing my hair in vinegar!'

Howard stared at him for a full five seconds before shaking his head and saying 'No, little man. That has got to be one of the stupidest ideas I've ever heard. And besides,' he called, as he moved back to the sink, 'we haven't got any vinegar in here.'

In a flash, Vince was up off the sofa and strutting into the kitchen, poking through the cupboards and sideboard with a surprising speed for someone who never seemed to do any level of hut work. 'A ha!' He suddenly exclaimed, pulling his hand out from the fruit bowl and producing two lemons. Howard was not even going to ask why there were lemons in the fruit bowl (or since when did they even have one, come to think of it), just watched as Vince sniffed the skin gingerly and looked up at him with a wide grin. 'These'll do! Still acidic, ain't they?'

'Vince...' Howard began, but already he had bounced over to grab one of the knives and was swiftly slicing through the middle of a lemon, excitement clouding the obvious that he was about to put acid on his precious hair. Once both were halved and ready to be squeezed, he turned to Howard with an expectant smirk and pushed them into his hands.

'Go on, then.' Vince stepped over to the sink and leaned over, mussing up his hair with one hand then looking back over his shoulder at Howard, that smirk still playing across his lips.

'You want me to...' He stopped. Vince was asking him to run his fingers through his hair, with no complaints? Screw gloves, he thought, picking up the first lemon half. Acid-covered hands would be definitely worth this.
Tags: fanfic100, fic, slash, the mighty boosh

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