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Dear Wonderful Yuletide Author

Hi! :D

Firstly, for all of these requests, I would be delighted with any story about these characters and there's no idea I have my heart set on, so please write whatever works for you because I am 1000% sure I will love it. All this is just here for inspiration, and free feel to disregard all of it if you already have something else in mind!

Links that might be useful:
afterism @ AO3
onlylostphysics @ tumblr (where I actively do fandom these days)

Things I Like: fics of all ratings, magical realism, adventure, myths and legends and fairytales, science and pseudoscience and the Indiana Jones style of archaeology, fantasy & urban fantasy, apocalypse and post-apocalypse fic, intelligent protagonists, swordfights, terrible jokes (and good jokes), competency, distinctive/atmospheric settings, silliness, epistolary fic, case fic, roadtrip fic, domesticity, slices of life and anything that reveals character.

Also; what-if type AUs (where it's still the same characters in essentially the same universe, but anything else can change), space AUs, people acquiring pets (idk, it's a thing), loyalty kink, moral ambiguity, first times, getting together rather than established relationship, power imbalances, mind control, shameless tropes (accidental soulbond! bodyswap! sudden telepathy! we must share body heat to survive!), cross-dressing, first times, enemies-to-lovers, friends-to-lovers, happy or hopeful endings.

I love seeing characters showing affection in their own unique way, relationships being important and intense and not necessarily romantic, relationships that only make sense to the people involved, and love being anything but straightforward.

Porn is very welcome but not required at all. Vanilla sex and smut that focuses entirely on what the characters are thinking and feeling is always lovely. If you want to write kinks, my favourites include sharing fantasies, light bondage, toys, d/s elements that aren't painstakingly negotiated and both characters are conveniently into, sex pollen, desperation leading to frottage & sex with clothes on. Please avoid anything to do with collars, necks/breathing being impeded in any way, bloodplay, and bodily fluids that aren't commonly involved in sex.

I have no idea how you'd make it work, but I would be down for a crossover between any of my requested fandoms!

Things I Don't Like: non-con, serious illnesses, permanent character death, animal cruelty or death, abuse of any kind, anything to do with pregnancy or kids, bleak and hopeless endings. I would also appreciate it if you avoided any mention of slugs or snails, even in a metaphor, because I have a ridiculous yet still annoying phobia.

Bedazzled (1967)
Stanley Moon, George Spiggott
If you're unfamiliar with the fandom but curious: it's a film starring Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, about a man who sells his soul to Lucifer in exchange for seven wishes, which in theory he uses to woo the woman of his dreams but mostly he just becomes accidental BFFs with the Devil. (IMDB)
I would love anything! Maybe something post-canon, with Stanley moving on with his life and George continuing to be constantly, casually chaotic (or maybe the other way around), or maybe a slight AU where Stanley wishes for something else and/or George interprets his wishes differently.
Anything in the spirit of the film would be perfect! My favourite thing about it is the bizarre friendship that forms between Stanley and George, and how they genuinely seem to be a good influence on each other. I love how George is the only person who's ever taken an interest in Stanley, and how he's the only person he can really talk to - and how Stanley seems to think George is genuinely a good bloke who does bad things, and cares about him and wants the best for him. I'd love to see them continuing their unique type of friendship after the film ends - does George keep trying to tempt Stanley, and is there ever a point where he succeeds (and if so, does he give his soul back again for the right reasons this time)?

I'd love to see more of the club - maybe Stanley decides to do George a favour and go work for him there, to be his only employee that's both competent and actually likes him? I do love the discussions on God and angels and hierarchy, if you wanted to write them just talking about heaven and hell for the whole fic. Or, something set during the film - you could expand on any of the realities that Stanley's wishes created (the pop stars and Sister Luna are my favourite, but any!), or explore what other wishes Stanley might have made if he'd been nudged in another direction.

Gen would of course be lovely, but if you're tempted by Stanley/George then firstly, yes please, and secondly, here are some thoughts: it would be impossible to go wrong, honestly - it could be a temptation, a curiosity, friends helping out friends, a twist to a wish that turns out surprisingly well for the both of them, somehow it's Lust's fault, somehow it's Envy's fault, Stanley realises he has genuine feelings, George realises he has genuine feelings and acts accordingly/terribly/surprisingly gentlemanly - anything.

Les Aventures Extraordinaires d'Adele Blanc-Sec (2010)
Agathe Blanc-Sec, Adele Blanc-Sec
If you're unfamiliar with the fandom but curious: it's a french film about an author/archaeologist/adventuress who essentially raises the dead in order to save her sister's life. There's a pterodactyl. It's very knowingly silly, and utterly wonderful. (IMDB)
Anything set before or after the film would be brilliant! I love the combination of unconditional love and fierce competition between the sisters, and the quietly fantastical world they live in - I'd love to see more of their adventures together, or at least alongside as they try to outdo each other.
I fell in love with Adele pretty much instantly. I love how competent she is, the sheer force of her personality, the way her first reaction to things going wrong is an exasperated sigh before she leaps into action. Her disguises and her ridiculous plans that actually work and her fearlessness are all so wonderful. We get so little of Agathe in the movie but I'd love to know more, since from what we do see she's just as intimidatingly brilliant as her sister.

I'd love to see the chaos they've caused in the past and probably will cause in the future, or what passes as domesticity in the Blanc-Sec apartment, and how Adele and Agathe catch up on the missing five years and learn to live with each other both fully conscious (if they manage it) - I'd love to see them working together or against each other, and the brilliant things they would achieve either way. Adventure or mystery fic would be amazing! And especially anything that explores the quietly magical world they live in, where pterodactyls can be hatched and mummies can be brought to life and everyone just gets on with it.

Prada: Candy (2013 short film)
Julius, Gene, Candy
If you're unfamiliar with the fandom but curious: It's a series of short adverts about a girl meeting a boy, and then meeting boy's friend, and then refusing to choose between them. It's directed by Wes Anderson & Roman Coppola. It's delightful. All of it is on youtube: Episode 1 | Episode 2 | Episode 3 | Behind the Scenes (where you can find out which boy is which!)
I would love anything that showed more of these three together! It would be wonderful to see more moments within this unexpected relationship, the easy times when they all fall together and the moments when Gene and Julius clash or Candy decides she's had enough. I was so charmed by the world they inhabit, where everything's always beautiful and stylish. I'd be interested in something that pushed that to its extreme and started to make it surreal or magical (is she a supernatural creature? are the boys?), but I'd be just as excited about something that took the snippets we have and expanded on them.
I found this while investigating everything under the Other Media category, and fell instantly in love. I have less to say about this one because it is a much shorter canon, but please know I am just as thrilled to get fic about this as any of the others! OT3s have a direct route to my heart so anything that kept them together would be the instant fic of my dreams. I would especially love it if it became (or already was) an equal triangle of attraction between all of them, rather that just the boys being focused on Candy, but do whatever works best for you!

Alice Ward, Jessica Hyde
If you're unfamiliar with the fandom but curious: It's a TV show that's really hard to describe without giving everything away. It's a conspiracy theory thriller, it's a horror story, it's a show about found families and surviving and coping. It's only two seasons long (because it was cancelled, which I will be forever bitter about), and the whole thing is available for free on the Channel 4 website.
I would love anything post-canon, exploring what could possibly happen next. Who were the armed men who came and grabbed them in the hospital? How does Alice deal with her new family almost escaping and then being forced back home? Feel free to focus on just Alice or Jessica if that's where your inspiration is taking you, but I would love something that forced just the two of them to go on the run together, fighting against Janus and the world.
Alice's story fascinates me because she's been swept up in all this horror through sheer bad luck, and she's being constantly pulled further into the centre of it. I've love to see how she's coping with that, and if there comes a time when she's older and has seen even more awful things that she decides she's had enough, and starts to actively fight back. I would equally be down for post-canon domestic fic, with her new family. Show me the moments of happiness they grab from the nightmare they're trapped in. (If you write about Alice having romantic relationships, please make her at least sixteen.)

If you want to focus on just Jessica, it could be fascinating to see scenes from her life growing up on the run, and the experiences that shaped her into what she is. I love that she's both terrifyingly competent and practical and experienced when it comes to staying alive, but completely clueless when it comes to human relationships. Anything that explores where she's come from or where she's going and how she's going to fight her way out of whatever trouble they're in now would be perfection.

Together, I'd love to see how they find each other again, whether it's Jessica looking for shelter or Alice looking for a fight. I don't have any ships in this fandom, but I'm always down for femslash and free feel to pair either of them with OCs (or each other, when Alice is much older. Fucked up, us-against-the-world or I-hate-you-but-you're-the-only-option-right-now relationships are my jam.)

If you want something else, I would be so interested in seeing a world in which Janus actually happens. Use whatever version you like - one that just sterilises people without the fatal pandemic, or one where just Romani people survive, or any other version in between. I love apocalypse and post-apocalypse fic, so show me what happens when people start dying in huge numbers and babies stop being born, what happens when the panic sets in and the world starts tearing itself apart. Show me what it's like ten, twenty, a hundred years down the line. Does the promise of a utopia pan out in any way? (I'm assuming not but hey, do what you want!) You don't have to include either of my requested characters if you go this route, and for this prompt only I waive all my DNWs except animal cruelty and death. (I was going to keep non-con as well, but I realised I would be able to handle seeing some horrific forced-breeding programme being implemented, so. Go as dark as you like!)

Yonderland (TV 2013)
Elf (Yonderland)
If you're unfamiliar with the fandom but curious: it's a gloriously ridiculous comedy fantasy TV show, with puppets. Think Labyrinth meets Monty Python. It's hilarious and so, so fun. (IMDB)
I've requested Elf just because I want something focused on Yonderland rather than the real world, but feel free to include any other characters! This is even more omg anything than usual - a part of Yonderland we haven't seen yet? Another quest? Elf's previous attempts to save his world (his line about "You're doing great, on most of my quests there'd have been a death by now" stuck with me. What the hell.) Something dark would be wonderful, if you want, but I'd love anything in the same ridiculously fun tone of the show.
You don't have to include Elf at all, actually, if you've got a Yonderland-set fic in mind and aren't sure how to fit him in! I love would anything set in this universe, either exploring more of the places and characters we've already seen or creating new ones. I love how unreservedly silly it is, and self-referential, and surprising and creative and the easy inclusion of queer relationships and constantly sneaking adult jokes in. Every episode just makes me grin from start to finish. I reblog everything I love about it on my yonderland tag, but it can be summed up as everything.

I would love to know more about Elf, if you want to focus on him. The council of elders seems to rely on him an awful lot, and he appears to be in the quest-leading business (as Debbie seems to be far from the first person he's found/helped) - how did that start? Why does he do it? When did Nick the Stick come in/from? What does Elf do when he's not leading adventures across his world?

Something light and silly would of course be wonderful, but if you are interested in writing dark fic - in the Wizard Bradley episode, Elf says, "You're doing great, on most of my quests there'd have been a death by now," and it's just so completely blasé that I am still laughing through my horror. I would love a fic about the trail of bodies that Elf apparently has been accidentally leaving throughout Yonderland (I assume he's not, like, murdering them, but if that's the way you want to go...) What were these quests? Previous saviours? Random bystanders? People from our world or creatures from Yonderland? Just how many deaths have there been for him to be so casual about it?! What happened?

Again, these are all just ideas I'm throwing at you in the hope that it might help spark something, but please don't feel limited by any of it! Thank you so much for signing up for this challenge, and if you love any of these fandoms then I already love you. ♥♥♥
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