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Hello! ♥

Firstly, for all of these requests, I would be delighted with any story about these relationships and there's no idea I have my heart set on, so please write whatever works for you because I am 1000% sure I will love it. All this is just here for inspiration, and free feel to disregard all of it if you already have something else in mind!

Things I Like: fics of all ratings, mutual pining, seemingly unrequited pining, getting together, emotionally charged first kisses, first times, enemies-to-lovers, friends-to-lovers, hate!sex, fake dating that suddenly isn't so fake, resolved or unresolved tension, love being anything but straightforward, slices of life and anything that reveals character, happy or hopeful endings. Also; loyalty kink, fantasy, magical realism, adventure, myths and legends and fairytales, accidental soulbond, power imbalances, mind control, shameless tropes (bodyswap! sudden telepathy! we must share body heat to survive!), apocalypse and post-apocalypse fic, swordfights, cross-dressing, terrible jokes (and good jokes), competence, training together (and teacher/student dynamics), distinctive/atmospheric settings, silliness, case fic, roadtrip fic.

Porn is very welcome but not required at all. Favourite kinks include sharing fantasies, light bondage, d/s elements that aren't painstakingly negotiated and both characters are conveniently into, sex pollen, desperation leading to frottage & sex with clothes on. Please avoid anything to do with collars, necks/breathing being impeded in any way, bloodplay, and bodily fluids that aren't commonly involved in sex.

Things I Don't Like: non-con, permanent character death, abuse of any kind, anything to do with pregnancy or kids, bleak and hopeless endings.

The Queen's Thief - Megan Whalen Turner

I read this for the first time recently and fell hard for everyone and everything in it, but I was most intrigued by the deities that are real, tangible beings with direct links to the mortals. I would love anything that explored the world of the Gods, with an emphasis on Hephestia/Moira! Hephestia has been around the longest and has probably seen empires rise and fall, while Moira takes a personal interest in individual humans as she weaves fates and records history and tells future kings to stop whining (♥). Do they have other selves and other names across religions, or are they unique to Eddis? How does time pass for them, and what do they do with it? Does Hephestia ever allow conflict between her and the lesser gods? Complicated relationships that span centuries have a special place in my heart, so anything showing how they come together or fall apart or both at once would be perfect.

Helen, Irene and Eugenides are my favourite mortal characters, if you want to have Moira interacting with any humans, but I would be just as delighted with any OCs if you want to explore times outside of the one we've seen!

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell - Susanna Clarke
Emma Pole/Arabella Strange, Flora Greysteel/Arabella Strange, Flora Greysteel/Emma Pole, Emma Pole/Arabella Strange/Flora Greysteel

I adore everything about this book; the magic both great and terrifying, the history, the beautiful settings, the characters (and especially the women, all distinct but all affected by magic and dealing with it in their own ways). You can't go wrong with anything that plays in this universe! Some ideas that could apply to most or all of these pairings (because I could not choose and would be delighted with any combination): spending time in Venice or anywhere outside of England after the events of the book, moving on with their lives; Arabella and/or Flora studying magic together, while Emma still abhors it; how the magic flooding back into England affects them (and maybe the rest of the world).

For Arabella/Emma, I always love stories set during their time in Lost Hope (an AU where Flora gets taken as well or instead of one of them would be interesting, too!). For Arabella/Flora, Jonathan is always going to be a Thing between them but it doesn't have to be addressed if you're not interested! Ignore him entirely or hint at an eventual poly relationship between them or anything in between, as long as any reasonable frustrations about him don't become OOC hatred. (Emma is allowed to hate whoever she wants to, of course.)

Historical RPF
Julie d'Aubigny/Nun

I was so delighted to see this in the tag set, I had to request it. Julie d'Aubigny! I would love any story set at any point during their relationship. How did they meet? How did they fall for each other? How long did they have together before the girl was put in a convent, and how long did it take Julie to decide to go get her? I would especially love the story of the convent-break, how it was planned and executed and the three months they had together afterwards (and why the girl went back to her family - a temporary split filled with promises, a mutual break-up, or something more heartbreaking?), but really, anything.

Crossovers - Fandom
Elsa (Frozen)/Elizabeth (Bioshock Infinite), Elsa (Frozen)/War (Good Omens)

My OTP is basically Elsa/Slighty Terrifying Women. For Elizabeth - depending whether it's Elizabeth as her Infinite or Burial at Sea self (or any other version you like), they could be brilliant or fascinatingly destructive together. AUs or darkfic would be very welcome! One of my favourite things about Elizabeth is the infinite possibilities contained in one girl, so anything that explored that could be wonderful.

For War - well, Elsa's a queen, she must have encountered War at some point, whether in Arendelle or during an ill-timed diplomatic visit elsewhere. How is War keeping busy in 1840s Disney-Europe? Does she see Elsa as a challenge or a pretty distraction? I'd love something that toed the line of darkfic, with War bringing out the worst in Elsa, but rough sex or Elsa cooling everything off would be wonderful too.

Again, these are all just ideas I'm throwing at you in the hope that it might help spark something, but please don't feel limited by any of it! Thank you so much for signing up for this challenge, and if you love any of these fandoms then I already love you ♥♥♥
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