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Hello! ♥

Firstly, I am so excited at the prospect of new things for any of these pairings, and I have no particular wants for this - all prompts and scenarios are just for inspiration and I don't mind at all if you create something completely different. If you already have an idea for what you want to write or draw, please go with that!

I have fandom tags for both The Musketeers and Frozen on tumblr (for frozen I also have character tags, and ship tags, because when I love something I label it neatly), which might do a better job of explaining what delights me about these things better than me actually trying to explain.

Things I Like: AUs and tropes (apocalypse, zombies, coffee shops, IN SPACE, bodyswap, sudden telepathy, fake dating, soulbond - IDK I LOVE IT ALL), things that explore the possibilities of canon, subverted tropes, roadtrips, swordfights, families (and found families), domesticity, saving each other's lives (repeatedly, and especially if they shouldn't actually be doing it), stories that play with formatting and timelines and storytelling, UST that takes a long time to get resolved, sharing, banter and snark and people being sarcastic instead of saying how they really feel, happy or hopeful endings, getting together, first kisses.

Things I don't like: non-con, permanent character death, abuse of any kind, homophobia (tbh I don't care if it's 'historically accurate', I just don't want to read it), anything to do with pregnancy or kids, bleak and hopeless endings.

[Porn is totally optional, but I do love it and if you want to write it then please click here for my kinks/squicks. Otherwise, feel free ignore!]Kinks I Love: desperation, frottage, dub-con of the 'if we could consent, we would!' variety - sex pollen and fuck-or-die and power imbalances and whatever else you can think of, being trapped in a small space together, crossdressing, Dom/sub (as long as the sub is SUPER ENTHUSIASTIC), sensory deprivation, sex with clothes still on, begging, orgasm denial.

Things I'll happily read: public sex, voyeurism and exhibitionism, pre-negotiated sadomasochism (doesn't have to be detailed or on-screen pre-negotiation, just clear that they've discussed it and no one's boundaries are being crossed), bondage, spanking, rimming, humiliation, incest.

Squicks: collars, breathplay (I'm generally not a fan of necks and throats being impeded in any way), mutilation, torture, bloodplay, a/b/o, animal play, medical kink, violent non-con or dub-con, scat, underage characters in sexual situations.

Any (Anna/Elsa/Hans/Kristoff, Anna/Elsa/Kristoff, Anna/Hans/Kristoff, or Hans/Kristoff)
I LOVE EVERYONE IN THIS BAR and I really would be delighted with any of the nominated pairings, so please go with whatever inspires you. I love post-movie fics, and stories about how unlikely pairings do actually work, and how people fit together. Anything about Elsa learning to touch people (other than just Anna) without being afraid, or how Anna decides that she also loves everyone in this bar and is determined to have them all at once, or how Hans is totally a fixer-upper and really just needs a little bit of love, or Kristoff learning to just accept that his type seems to be royalty, would be awesome. Canon fic or AU fic are equally welcome!
In case it wasn't obvious from the 'any', I ship everything. I would love something quiet and character-focused just as much as something plotty, and anything that explored how any of these pairings could form and work would be wonderful. The only caveat I have is that I'm not interested in characters angsting about what other people might think of their relationship. If it's taboo in any way I'm happy to just assume that they're very good at keeping it a secret and everyone assumes they're very good friends.

For any of the Hans pairings: My personal fave version of Hans is the cold, calculating narcissist who will do anything to get what he wants but isn't necessarily evil. I like to believe he is capable of love, even if it takes a lot more work for him to realise it than most.

Entirely optional prompts (that could work with most pairings, hopefully): They get stranded on the mountain during a snow storm that isn't Elsa's fault.
Or, space opera.
Or, Elsa accidentally freezes Hans' heart. At least one person needs to fall in love with him in order to fix that.

Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen
Charles Bingley/Fitzwilliam Darcy or Fitzwilliam Darcy/George Wickham
I'm so delighted by the prospect of Darcy slash that I don't even have any prompts, um. I'd love something that made either of these pairings actually work within the canon story of Pride and Prejudice, somewhere in the background - either secret trysts growing up or in boarding school or hatesex when Darcy finds Wickham or seriously whatever you can think of. Best friends secretly in love with each other and worst enemies secretly in lust with each other are my FAVOURITE.
AUs would also be wonderful, if you'd prefer! Bittersweet endings are just as lovely as a happy one, and I love character studies and PWPs and vignettes.

I'd love to see more of what Bingley gets up to, or Wickham in the army, and how their relationship with Darcy has shaped their lives. I love all the tropes associated with regency romance - being suddenly caught in the rain, an unexpected visitor, the trouble of money, spending the season in town, inappropriate conduct at a picnic...

I adore Georgiana, Elizabeth and Jane, if you want to include any of them!

The Musketeers (2014)
Anne of Austria/Constance Bonacieux, Anne of Austria/Milady Clarick de Winter, or Constance Bonacieux/Milady Clarick de Winter
I love everyone in this show but the ladies especially have my heart, and I would love any fic focused on them! Something about any of them needing another one's help, or slight AUs where Constance is less moral or Milady is less amoral or Queen Anne decides she needs a loyal female spy, or literally any trope you can think of that would throw them together in an unlikely situation, would be delightful!
I love seeing women being competent and complicated and playing to their strengths. I love how Constance is emotional and impulsive and SO BADASS when she needs to be (telling Aramis to hold the baby and swordfighting their way out herself is everything I love about her). I love how calculating Milady is, but also how much fun she finds in what she does, and how good she is at it. I love Queen Anne's quiet strength through everything, and how proper she is until she gets the chance not to be.

Prompts: Someone has to use seduction as a distraction and it goes further than expected! (Constance being the one doing the seducing will always be the most delightful and hilarious thing in my mind) Or, lady spies! Milady as Queen Anne's loyal spy instead of the Cardinal's (or both! in a double crossing kind of way, but I would love it if her true loyalty was to the Queen), or Constance having to infiltrate something, or an AU where at least two of them run an agency together.

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