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yuletide recs!

Drive-by recs that I've been slowly collecting since the archive opened! I've skipped the huge fandoms for now and just gone for the things that catch my interest, because I have an appallingly short attention span this year.

First, my amazing gifts!

Bioshock Infinite
The Accident (2276 words)
Relationships: Robert Lutece/Rosalind Lutece
Summary: How do you make sense of time when you no longer experience it as a linear path? How do you explain your experience of space when the laws of physics no longer apply to you? How can you blush without a heartbeat?
It's not easy, but Robert and Rosalind to do their best.
oh my god, I love this so much. It explores what happened to them immediately after the incident with their machine, and follows them as they explore their new state of existence, and Rosalind is a horrible tease and Robert blushes wonderfully easily and oh, it's just perfect in every way. Every time I reread it I find something new to be delighted by.
Why not sister? (1234 words)
Relationships: Robert Lutece/Rosalind Lutece
Summary: Elizabeth asks Rosalind an interesting question.
Rosalind continues to be a horrible tease and Elizabeth is more observant than perhaps she would like to be, and the voices in this are just perfect. And I do love it when other people try to figure out what exactly is going on between Rosalind and her 'brother'.

Peaky Blinders
Clean Dresses, Brass Tits, and the Importance of a Good Hatpin (3874 words)
Characters: Ada Shelby, Polly Gray, Finn Shelby
Summary: Three things that Polly Gray taught Ada Shelby during the war. Businesses don't run themselves, after all.
THE WOMEN OF THE SHELBY FAMILY, LET ME LOVE YOU. This is gloriously written backstory for Polly and Ada, where they continue to be terrifying and amazing and consummate survivors, and just, omg, it's perfect, if you watched any of Peaky Blinders or you just want to see women being awesome in 1900's Birmingham, GO READ IT. (though, also, do check the warnings before you read - there are the beginnings of brutality against women, but it's viciously shut down by the ladies themselves, which is wonderful all in itself)

and other fandoms!:

The Artist (2011)
Ingénue-ity (3604 words)
Characters: George Valentin, Peppy Miller
Summary: Being innocent, spontaneous, and entirely without guile takes a LOT of work. Sometimes, Peppy wonders if George knows how much.
Delightfulness! And the relationship between George and Peppy remains as sparkling and witty as ever.

Being Human (UK)
i am a monster (is this what it feels like to be a man) (1456 words)
Character: Hal York
Summary: August, 1485. One King dies, another replaces him. This doesn't mean anything to an illiterate prostitute who slips a son out that evening in Cheapside, London. The woman and her midwife name him Harry, after their new King, and tell him one day he will be a Lord.
(Or, Five Lessons Hal Learns in Leadership. 1485-2013)
A perfect Hal character study, on how he was a monster long before he was a vampire.
Heavenly Blessed And Worldly Wise (9801 words)
Relationships: Hal/Cutler, Daisy/Ivan, Hal/Cutler/Daisy/Ivan
Summary: God, he was sick of that reaction, the speculating stares, the ill-disguised mockery.
Hal leaves without goodbyes, without explanation. Cutler looks for answers with the only two people he remembers Hal actually liking.

because Nick Cutler gives me more feelings than I know what to do with, and this is a wonderful glimpse of what he does after Hal disappears. (also, hot.)

Bottom of the River - Delta Rae
River Run Dry (1822 words)
Summary: How the woman in white learned to see devils, and what happened when they learned to see her.
Amazing imagery and worldbuilding.

Byzantium (2012)
Rootless (3807 words)
Characters: Clara, Eleanor
Summary: In which the Brotherhood always finds them, Eleanor is tired of running, and letting go is harder than it seems.
A perfect take on where they both go after the film, how they find each other again, and how satisfying it is the tear down the Brotherhood.

Cthulhu Mythos - H. P. Lovecraft
For Mind and Memory is the Soul of Man (1223 words)
Summary: An ordinary man goes about his ordinary life.
TERRIFYING. And wonderfully lovecraftian.

Discworld - Terry Pratchett
The Physician of Miracles and Death (3745 words)
Relationships: Death (Discworld) & Susan Sto Helit
Summary: The new kid nearly quivered with keenness. His voice had been scrubbed as clean of any trace of an accent as his face had been of dirt.
Susan felt the name should have meant something to her, but she couldn't think what. "Bill," she ventured, "is that short for Wilhelm?"
"No, Miss. I'm named for my godfather."

Death meets a poor woodcutter who's looking for a just man to be a godfather to his son. The new kid in Susan's class says he's going to be a great physician. The Death of Rats is just trying to do his job.
Perfect Discworld-voice and perfectly coded footnotes. <3!!

'Tis Impossible To Be Sure Of Any Thing (6637 words)
Characters: Death, Havelock Vetinari, Moist von Lipwig, Rufus Drumknott, Lu Tze
The 'Vetinari and Death are acquainted' fic that my heart has been crying out for. (Moist, Drumknott and Lu Tze are all pitch perfect too)

Endeavour/Rivers of London - Ben Aaronovitch
A Perfectly Human Monster (5144 words)
Characters: Endeavour Morse, Fred Thursday, Jim Strange, Thomas Nightingale, Mason Gull
Summary: The 'opera phantom' killer is aiming for a bigger target than Morse.
Such a perfect crossover! (and Endeavour is one of those shows I usually half-watch when my mum's watching it, but this fic jolted me into admitting how much I love it.)

Gravity Falls
find me in the fields (5720 words)
Relationships: Wendy Corduroy/Mabel Pines
Summary: Summers always used to be the same, but ever since the first one in Gravity Falls every summer is different and strange and Mabel knows things are always changing.
Gorgeously written, and it takes years for them to get together, and it is glorious.

Guns For Hire (Movie Concept)
Heart of Gold, Heart of Stone (3727 words)
Relationships: Lucy Liu's Character/Gina Torres's Character
Summary: Trust is a bad thing to give to the wrong person.
!!!!!!!!!!! This is a fandom I nominated and although it was written for someone else, I'm still going clutch it to my bosom and make happy noises forever. Noir fic! It fleshes out their characters wonderfully and is just perfect.

Literary RPF
"For Since Thy Lip Met Mine": Byron and Shelley in Venice (3504 words)
Relationships: Lord Byron/Percy Shelley
Summary: Five scenes about Byron and Shelley's relationship: sex, philosophy, poetry, banter, angst, utopian fantasies, and other conversations.
So good I basically just want to incoherently flail about it forever. !!!!!

Parks and Recreation
everyone says, this love will change you, and I ask, isn't that what love's supposed to do (4433 words)
Relationships: Leslie Knope/Ben Wyatt, Andy Dwyer/April Ludgate, Ben/some other people
Summary: Who hasn't had gay thoughts?
Well, exactly.
Ben realises he's bisexual. Everyone is as supportive as you would expect. (and it's perfect.)

Neverwhere - Neil Gaiman
One Night in Bangkok (1466 words)
Characters: Hunter (Neverwhere)
Summary: "She had given the Great Weasel's pelt to a girl who had caught her eye, and the girl had been appropriately grateful." -- Chapter 10, Neverwhere
Perfect pre-series Hunter fic. I love seeing more of her, and this is lusciously written.

The Night Circus - Erin Morgenstern
Transformation (4544 words)
Relationships: Hinata/Tsukiko
Summary: Magic comes in shades of grey; alchemy in black and white.

A gorgeous Tsukiko character study, taking it right back to the very beginning of her story.

The Youngblood Chronicles (Music Video)
It Could Be Worse (it could be taking you there with me) (1649 words)
Relationships: Patrick Stump/Pete Wentz
Summary: Pete wasn't thinking. He just knew he needed to run. How fucked up was it that it was Patrick chasing them though?

Shameless, filthy porn. :D. (and who doesn't love seeing a bit of their OTP in a deliciously fucked up AU that they created themselves in yuletide?)

and that's it for now - I might put a post-reveal recs post up eventually, when I finally go through the entire fandoms I've got bookmarked for later.
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