keeping it vaguely imaginary (_afterism) wrote,
keeping it vaguely imaginary

i understood that reference

My second piece for marvel_bang - for Behind the Moon, Beyond the Rain by cameron_mckell, the Wizard of Oz crossover that I've wanted all my life without realising it. I cannot sing this fic's praises highly enough, omg, it is such a joy to read that I insist you go read it before even looking at my art.

Okay! The picture of Dorothy and co heading through the field of poppies towards Emerald City is kind of the Wizard of Oz picture for me, and the fic recreates the scene perfectly so drawing it was an incredibly easy decision to make! I had ridiculous amounts of fun designing the Emerald Carrier and merging the Iron Man and Tin Man suits into one and drawing an endless amount of poppies, and, honestly, this is one of my favourite pieces of art I've ever done. \o/!

Tags: art, bruce banner, bucky barnes, marvel, steve rogers, the avengers, the wizard of oz, tony stark

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