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avengers_rbb art! the absolutely delightful nerdwegian claimed my art and wrote the Steve roadtrips across America fic of my dreams, called Looking For Answers (From The Great Beyond). It's so perfect and you should run, not walk, to read it.

These first two are the cleaned-up versions of what I submitted for art claims - I wanted something that clearly showed roadtrip!! without restricting what my eventual writer could do with it, and hunted down references photos for anything that looked quintessentially american without being a specific, recognisable place. (and then my computer crashed and I lost all my refs, so now even I have no idea where these places are based on!)

This last one is a photo directly from the story:
Steve does drive to Cawker City and gets a man around his own age to take his picture next to the giant ball of twine. When Steve gets his phone back and looks at the photo afterwards, his hair is sticking up, wind-ruffled and sun-kissed, and he's got a dorky looking smile on his face that he doesn't recall making.
because obviously I had to draw Steve's dorky grin next to a giant ball of twine. (♥!!)

Now, if you haven't, go read the fic!
Tags: art, marvel, steve rogers, the avengers

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