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Yuletide! I received four (four!!) gifts, all for my prompt of Mary Poppins is a Time Lord, and they are all absolutely brilliant and I am the luckiest recipient ever, omg. I'm attempting to give proper recs beyond flailing about how brilliant and perfect and enjoyable and mine! these are, but that does apply to all of them :D

A Change in the Wind (2481 words)
Characters: Mary Poppins, Eleventh Doctor
Summary: Why does Mary Poppins have a bag that's bigger on the inside? Why, because she's a Time Lady, of course!
Rec'd because: Mary's voice is perfect, and there's discussions with Eleven, and it's fascinating seeing both how she operates as a Time Lady and how others view The Doctor. A perfect crossover!

A Family (1636 words)
Characters: Mary Poppins, Romana, Bert, Jane Banks, Michael Banks
Summary: After the Time War, Mary finds her own means of travelling.
Rec'd because: Mary is Romana! You don't need to know much Classic Who to understand (because I certainly don't, and this is still brilliant), and it covers all the magic things Mary does and explains them with Time Lord technology and technobabble, and it's glorious.

Hanging By a Moment (136 words)
Characters: Mary Poppins, Jack Harkness
Summary: Umbrellas are timeless.

A Respectable Person Like Me (321 words)
Characters: Mary Poppins, Bert, The Doctor, River Song
Summary: In Which Mary Poppins is a time lord (of a sort).
Rec'd because: This is like an espresso shot of Time Lord awesomeness.

And then more recs! I've been dipping into the archive without any sort of system or plan and only a vague sense of avoiding the large fandoms and really long fic just so I can read as much as possible before reveals, so these are kind of all over the place.

(Beth CG Phoenix prompted the genius idea that Aladdin is actually set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Fic ensued!)

The Hunt for Man-Yu-El (3003 words)
Relationships: Aladdin/Jasmine
Characters: Rajah, Genie
Summary: At sunset on the third day since the second water purifier had stopped, the city of Agrabah limped along in a state of controlled chaos.
Rec'd because: Jasmine is brilliant and clever and the greatest expert in the use of magical artifacts. Also, say the title out loud.

Passings (1922 words)
Relationships: Aladdin/Jasmine
Characters: Genie, Aladdin, Jasmine, Jafar
Summary: The genie has had many masters in his long life
Rec'd because: This explains how the world became a wasteland, through the eyes of Genie and the actions of his masters, and it's heartbreaking.

American Gods - Neil Gaiman

The Man in the Gaberdine Suit
Characters: Shadow Moon, Czernobog, Anansi, Easter
Summary: Shadow comes home.
Rec'd because: Oh. This expands on the book and ties up a few ends and it's brilliant and fascinating but really all I want to say right now is just, oh.


Dallased (Intro to Dream Interpretation 101) (14858 words)
Characters: Abed Nadir, Troy Barnes, Jeff Winger, Britta Perry, Leonard Briggs, Dean Craig Pelton, Annie Edison, Pierce Hawthorne, Shirley Bennett, Neil, the Black Rider
Summary: "So this isn't a fake-out plot device. It's a cut-away fantasy sequence episode, where we feature a number of different unlikely sequences that provide a break from the regular format while still showing recognizable traits of the characters." Abed dreams about being the Inspector, and it starts a trend.
Rec'd because: ALL THE CROSSOVERS. And it's hilariously in character and the casting for every dream had me shrieking with glee and it's brilliant.

Hark! A Vagrant

I Never Said This Job Was Easy
Characters: Mystery Solving Teens
Summary: One person he'll tell he loves, and five he won't.
Rec'd because: Teenagers acting like teenagers!

Mystery Solving Teens Confirm the Obvious (1304 words)
Characters: Mystery Solving Teens, Nancy Drew, Vanessa, St. Francis, Birds, Foul-mouthed Duck
Summary: The Mystery Solving Teens land their highest-profile assignment yet. Will they crack the case...or fail to care entirely? The Shit Talker--the high school's most illustrious student newspaper--reports from the scene.
Rec'd because: Just look at that character list.

The Adventure of the Watson League (2996 words)
Characters: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson
Summary: What happens when Watson meets Watsons.
Rec'd because: ALL THE WATSONS. And complaining about Holmes.

Blood Will Have Blood (1885 words)
Characters: Anne Bronte, Charlotte Bronte, Emily Bronte, William Weightman
Summary: Anne doesn't does doesn't actually like her sisters. Really.
Rec'd because: ♥Anne♥

Horrible Histories
(I'm not reccing The Big Gay Episode simply because surely you've read it by now? Here's a link in case you haven't. And another one, if you missed that just there. If you haven't heard Nobody’s Hortense Mancini by now then all I have to say to you is was, was, was machst du da?!)

Third Movement (9800 words)
Relationships: Beethoven/Mozart
Characters: Ludwig van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, William Shakespeare, Death, Cleopatra VII of Egypt
Summary: When Mozart and Beethoven are pulled out of the Annuls of History to appear at the Horrible Histories Prom, they decide to seize the opportunity provided to them to a)explore London, and b)explore what they could be to each other.
Rec'd because: This is heartbreakingly gorgeous, exploring Beethoven & Mozart's relationship in their own timeline and the one day they have in the present, and I cannot recommend it highly enough. The tension and the sweetness and the cameos from the other characters, it's aching and lovely and so beautifully written - and even if you don't know the fandom, it's accessible enough to still enjoy the slow-burn between them. Read it!

Terrible Top Gear (4673 words)
Characters: Jeremy Clarkson, James May, Richard Hammond, Charles II, Sotherby, Vikings, Top Gear Dog
Summary: Tonight on Top Gear: Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond suggest some Christmas gift ideas from their travels in history, Charles II is the star in the reasonably priced car, and we see whether Vikings are any better than Top Gear at building amphibious vehicles.
Rec'd because: What do you get when you cross the Top Gear team (with whom everything ends up on fire) with Vikings (who tend to set everything on fire)? Hilarity. (and fire.)

Merry Monarchs (1749 words)
Relationships: King Charles II/Queen Catherine
Characters: Charles II, Sotherby, Mike Peabody, Catherine of Braganza
Summary: Charles II and Catherine of Braganza are well-suited for each other, and even for being each other.
Rec'd because: Restoration crossdressing! and Charles and Catherine are perfectly adorable together.

Cranky Christmasses (2918 words)
Characters: Sam, Mike Peabody, Bob Hale
Summary: It's the twenty-fifth of December at the HHTV studios and the News at When team isn't in the best Christmas spirit. Sam is losing the battle with her sudoku, Mike runs into trouble on a historical field report, and Bob is convinced Santa is trying to kill him. Can the exchanging of gifts bring them some much-needed cheer? What is terrorising the interns in the kitchen? And will anyone ever think of the rats?
Rec'd because: BOB'S CHRISTMAS REPORT. And how lovely the HHTV team actually are together, when they're not blaming each other for everything.

Look Around You

Look Around You - Yuletide (1240 words)
Summary: A special Yuletide edition of the science program "Look Around You".
Rec'd because: (LOOK AROUND YOU FIC OMG) "Besides cleansing icebergs this time of year, tides also are useful for carrying waves of flanick. [The camera zooms in on the tidal wave, to see tiny green bottles floating in it, all labeled 'FLANICK' with red labels.]"
Note that down in your copybook.

Jane Austen's Fight Club

Elizabeth Bennet and the Pandemonium Undertaking (3418 words)
Relationships: Elizabeth Bennet/Fanny Price, Elizabeth Bennet/Henry Crawford, Henry Crawford/Fanny Price, Fanny Price/Edmund Bertram (Unrequited)
Characters: Fanny Price, Elizabeth Bennet, Henry Crawford, Catherine Morland, Marianne Dashwood, Elinor Dashwood, Emma Woodhouse, Louisa Musgrove, Edmund Bertram
Summary: People are always asking me if I am acquainted with Miss Elizabeth Bennet.
Rec'd because: It's Project Mayhem Jane Austen-style, and it's gloriously terrifying.


Fluid Dynamics (1336 words)
Characters: Curtis Donovan, Simon Bellamy, Kelly Bailey, Nathan Young, Alisha
Summary: On their way out of the Job Centre, Kelly stopped by the side of a neatly suited, out-of-place looking man sat at one of the tables. She jabbed at some equations scribbled in the margins of the claim papers lying in front of him. “’S all right, but think about the fluid dynamics, yeah?
Rec'd because: Everyone is absolutely spot on (especially Nathan - I didn't realise how much I'd missed him in the last series until he started waggling his eyebrows and I could picture it perfectly), and it's the group together and talking about going to Vegas, and it's a delight.

Nathan Barley

How to Plan Your Funeral (4414 words)
Relationships: Dan Ashcroft/Jones
Characters: Dan Ashcroft, Jones (Nathan Barley), Pingu (Nathan Barley)
Summary: Dan Ashcroft vs. 2011.
Rec'd because: NATHAN BARLEY FIC OMG. It's a fascinating look at the future for these ridiculous, hopeless characters, where the major things may have changed but Dan's still a wanker and everyone else are still idiots, and it's perfect.

Newspaper Games Anthropomorfic

All squares filled, all letters in order (3489 words)
Relationships: Sudoku/Jumble
Characters: Sudoku - Character, Jumble, New York Times Crossword Puzzle, Cryptoquote, Spot the Difference (game)
Summary: Sudoku isn't particularly good with words. But he thinks he's finally puzzled it out.
Rec'd because: I decided to just read the first paragraph, just to see how cracky it was, and then I was half-way through and desperately rooting for Sudoku/Jumble and having no idea how that happened.


Test Subject Starter Kit (1146 words)
Characters: Chell (Portal)
Summary: The Aperture Science Bring Your Daughter to Work Day is the perfect time to have her tested.
Rec'd FOR SCIENCE. and fantastic Chell backstory.

Covalent Bonds (1261 words)
Characters: Cave Johnson, Caroline
Summary: In 1968, the United States Senate holds an investigative hearing on Aperture Science’s culpability in the alleged missing astronauts at their Enrichment Center facility. Cave Johnson and his assistant Caroline are in attendance.
Rec'd because: Cave Johnson. "Mantis-men astronauts will certainly make the Russians shake in their red skivvies."

Scott Pilgrim

Deserve Each Other (5318 words)
Relationships: Scott Pilgrim/Kim Pine, Ramona Flowers/Scott Pilgrim, Ramona Flowers/Scott Pilgrim/Kim Pine, Joseph/Stephen Stills
Characters: Kim Pine, Scott Pilgrim, Stephen Stills, Hollie, Ramona Flowers
Summary: In which Kim Pine has a weird-ass year.
Rec'd because: I'm in love with Kim Pine and this is why. (also, OT3!)

(this is a fantastic show and this story has been horrible overlooked! you should check out the show and then maybe watch the first episode and then the other five episodes and then read this fic! :D)

Codename: Sexuality (7519 words)
Characters: Tim Elliot, Marcus Elliot, Philip, Chris, The Examiner, Caitlin, Portis, Carl, Justine
Summary: "Tim couldn’t prevent the slouching, resentful walk taking over as he followed Philip. He had not foreseen being Marcus’ full time parent figure, resulting in daily trips to the principal's office."
Rec'd because: SPY FIC OMG. It's got the same sweet and hilarious tone of the show, and reads just like an episode, and everyone is brilliant.

Threadless T-shirt Designs - Zombies In Wonderland

everyone's dead here (1300 words)
Characters: Queen of Hearts, Mad Hatter, Alice, March Hare, Tweedledum, Tweedledee
Summary: the shirt.
Rec'd because: ZOMBIES. And children's stories being twisted into something terrifying is always delightful.

Twisted Disney Princesses

Immersion (3339 words)
Relationships: Beast/Belle
Characters: Belle (Twisted Disney Princesses - Jeftoon01), Beast (Twisted Disney Princesses - Jeftoon01)
Summary: This time, she reached the Beast too late. She would do anything to get him back.
Rec'd because: This is gloriously creepy and horrific and has a wonderful slow-burn that shows just how easily Belle could become so twisted. Wonderful! :D

You Say Party - Lonely's Lunch
(the fandom is a five and a half minute long music video! It's a bit sci-fi and a bit dystopian and basically you should watch it because I don't explain things very well.)

Resistance (3443 words)
Relationships: Savita Potdar / Abhilasha Manjakkil
Characters: Abhilasha Manjakkil, Savita Potdar
Summary: Savita couldn't remember the time before the ships.
Rec'd because: this expands on the scant canon we have and turns it into something even more fascinating. It explains things like the strange helmets and the tattoos and what the chip she's trying to protect actually is, while still fleshing her out into a real, flawed but strong character. Brilliance!
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