keeping it vaguely imaginary (_afterism) wrote,
keeping it vaguely imaginary

love will never do what you want it to

a couple of sketches, because glee is back and it's... problematic as ever, but then there's ♥BLAINE♥ and ♥♥QUINN♥♥ and everything's okay.

title: riotgrrl
rating: G
pairing: gen
notes: drawn when the promo came out and we saw punk!Quinn for the first time. all the sparkly hearts were in my eyes that day \o/

tumblr | DA

title: dreamy as ever
rating: G
pairing: Kurt/Blaine
notes: because of Darren's new photoshoot and Blaine's ridiculous/amazing outfit in 3.01.

tumblr | DA

Tags: art, glee, klainebows

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