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say, wasn't that a funny day

Watched the Glee finale at 2am. Spent the morning catching up on Doctor Who. Have Psychoville waiting in another tab and am trying to remember the last episode of Supernatural I saw.

It was so, so lovely being completely cut off from the world for two weeks, but I'm glad to be home. I do have a mini-comic to draw and I haven't even started unpacking and there are so many things I want to do, that I was planning while I was stuck on a boat without any of the things I wanted to create with but, for now, my shows. :D

+ Glee Finale!
Blaine said I love you and I shrieked and flailed and actually swooned into my pillows. It was awesome. I'm oddly glad to see that I still care about this pairing? I was drifting away for a while and having issues with the fandom but, yes, completely in love with these boys again. Having canon that they talk about the future and are planning on going to the same university together is absolutely darling, although there is never enough Blaine screentime. We couldn't have had a phonecall, or something?

However, I do keep going back to how Quinn thought Santana was propositioning her and so politely let her down. Both the fact that she knows and accepts Santana's sexuality, and that she said she's not really into that, completely delights me, possibly because it implies that she's tried it. I'm just. Going to be happy with that thought for a while. Don't try to talk sense into me.

Less happy with how Quinn's craziness over Finn was apparently cured by a haircut. Seriously. That was all the closure we had on that. I thought Quinn had 'big plans' for New York? the hell happened to that? The only explanation that works for me is an Unholy Trinity threesome happened anyway, and Quinn realised that actually she is really into that, because it's awesome. Until I find a better excuse, that's my headcanon.

+ Doctor Who up to the mid-season finale!
Oh, oh, DW, I love it so much when it gets epic and universe-spanning and properly showing the possibilities of the scope of time and space and all the people that the Doctor meets and helps and affects in the best ways. Everything about A Good Man Goes to War thrilled me, the massive army base and the trap and the timebaby and Lorna who was wonderful and beautiful and brave and I want to see so much more of her, especially if she keeps having chemistry with Amy (it's a show about time travel, they could make it work!), and the married gay couple and the Victorian Interspecies Lesbians (there is no part of that which doesn't utterly delight me. This show really knows what I love, and is wonderfully unsubtle), I can't even be critical right now I'm just happy being dazzled by this ridiculous show.

My two main thoughts, though:
RIVER OMG. I'm completely charmed and blown away and I love the way they did the reveal, with, oh, Amy pointing a gun at her daughter again and oh, time travel is the greatest plot device ever and I love how Moffat wields it. So many questions still, of course, and I have to rewatch the first time Amy and River meet (basically every time something has been revealed about River my reaction is must rewatch all her episodes! Which is magnificent, actually), and this hideously long hiatus will at least be long enough to wrap my head around everything this now implies.

RORY OMG. My love for him has completely exploded, because he is so human and moral and brave and okay the Lone Centurion thing is ridiculously hot and I really, really love it when he's being badass and commanding, and I love what an important part of team TARDIS he actually is and that he listens to the Doctor, even if it means pulling away from Amy because he trusts him. Basically I ship Eleven/Rory something fierce, but that's not new.

There are so many plot threads in Moffat-era that just reading one reaction post I realise I've forgotten about ten of them. er. this is probably why I'm so easily pleased. I only notice continuity issues when everyone else points them out.

I'm sure my reaction to this much fantasticness used to be the need to write fic about it. Now I just want to read other people's fic and draw my own silly pictures. Hmm. (had a minor epiphany while on holiday, after having to say 'I'm a temp' one too many times - hey, why not draw a comic. So, that's sort of happening, maybe. there will be lots more silly pictures in panel form, anyway.)

The flist and tumblr are a bit daunting right now, so - did I miss anything exciting? ♥
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