keeping it vaguely imaginary (_afterism) wrote,
keeping it vaguely imaginary

slam slam oh hot damn

I started this soon after Blame It On The Alcohol aired. This is what happens when I start a thing and then keep accidentally forgetting about it for a week at a time.

Title: Raise Your Glass
Rating: G
Warnings: Wallace Wells
Summary: Glee/Scott Pilgrim crossover. Guess who's drunk!
Notes: Blaine Anderson and Wallace Wells, because apparently 'drunk and fabulous' is enough of a connection for me to draw a ridiculous crossover.
Kurt is off screen, looking unimpressed. Scott is off to the other side, being a hypocrite. This might not end well.

gorgeous bg texture by fuckbees.
comments & con-crit are ♥!
Tags: art, crossovers are my favourite, glee, scott pilgrim

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