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I start my new job tomorrow. It's temp admin work at an insurance company, and the woman/my manager that I met at my interview was absolutely lovely and actually liked the fact that I had no experience, as it meant she could mould me into the perfect employee (actually, I think she said 'groom me'. er.) I'm sort of excited? Mildly terrified, but it really is about time I stopped lounging around the house and doing absolutely nothing productive all day.

Finding something to wear was a bit of a panic, but I did discover I can throw together an outfit that makes me look like a mafia henchman. Not quite the look I'm going for, but I felt badass.

At the moment, my main thought is that I have to get through three days of new job before I can watch the next episode of Glee. I honestly don't know if that's going to be a lifeline or a distraction, but I definitely have my priorities in order.

I want to write Klaine fic, but it has been so, so long since I wrote without a prompt that I'm kind of at a loss. Have a poll, darling flist.

choose a plot for me, please

the little mermaid AU
(ridiculous) fairytale fic
space pirates~
something... else

prompts would be lovely?

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