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Dear Yuletide writer,
Thank you for being my writer! If you're here I guess you're looking for further inspiration and details of what I like, which is awesome. I do have some specific requests but honestly, if there's anything you'd rather be writing about for these characters then please go for it! If you had fun writing it I'm sure I'll love to read it ♥

What I do like: happy endings, getting-together fic, first times, UST, rom-coms (with occasional zom), AUs, humour, fluff, fics with a dark edge, apocalyptic themes, crossdressing, temporary genderswap.

What I don't like: Non con, deathfic, mpreg, any hard kinks, self harm, endless teenage angst (essentially - it doesn't have to be pure sunshine and rainbows, but I would prefer an overall happy fic, please!)

Specfic Requests:

Ludo RPF
My favourite band ♥ I wrote a primer on them over here, and you can see why fic needs to be written about them here, here and here. And here. Basically they are delightful and if you were matched with me on this fandom, or are thinking about writing this fic for me anyway - YOU ARE WONDERFUL.

Slash fic would be brilliant, if you're up for it: I ship pretty much any combination of Convy, Andrew, Matt and Tommy (I adore Tim Ferrel as well, I just don't ship him with his bandmates. I- I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing) and first time/getting together fic would be awesome. The only thing I really do not want is any demonising of significant others - if you are writing slash, please either ignore the SO's existance entirely or set it before they were around, or something like that - fic where the break up of a RL relationship is a catalyst for the slash just really squicks me out. Beyond that, I'll be thrilled to read whatever you write!

With slash or gen, anything in the spirit of their music would be especially good, because obviously that's the main reason I adore them so much - any kind of ridiculous and wonderful adventure, or something with pirates or zombies or dinosaurs or time travel or, well, anything. I'm really easily to please, I promise!

9 (movie)
♥THE TWINS♥ I only just got around to watching this film a few days ago and it was love at first sight. I adore the whole world and atmosphere of the film (post-apocalyptic is a favourite of mine) so anything exploring and deepening what we saw would be wonderful.

I'm going to be horribly unhelpful and say - I really have no expectations with this. If there's any sort of 9 fic that you've been wanting to write, as long as it involves the twins in some way, I'd be thrilled to read it. Pre- or post-film, AUs, missing scenes, whatever! Feel free to include any of the other characters if you'd like - 7 is especially awesome, and I loved how she acted like a big sister to them.

Just in case you do want specifics, I'm trying to think of some things but don't feel obliged to use them at all: It could be great to see what happened during the creation of 3 and 4 and what it was like when they first woke up, or exploring the library and meeting the other dolls? Or how they cope and adapt in the new world, post-film?

Scott Pilgrim (comic)
Anything exploring Kim's and Ramona's friendship would be brilliant, or something about when Kim and Knives made out, and the (hopefully happy) consequences of that? I just want to see more of the girls, really!

Femslash is awesome, smut is awesome, gen friendship fic is awesome. As long as Kim's in it, I'll love it :D

(I've only just noticed how short this is, so!) Feel free to throw any other characters that you love in there - Wallace pretty much owns my heart, but if you want to focus on just two of the girls that I requested, that's awesome too. I love the video game style world they live in, so anything exploring that would be fabulous. AUs are wonderful, and zombie apocalypses are instant win, and quiet, introspective characters pieces about two girls being friends/falling in love are wonderful too. Basically: SCOTT PILGRIM FIC YAY \O/
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