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This is rionaleonhart's writing challenge, because I need practice! And ridiculous crossovers will always be my favourite thing ever.

Alphabet ficsnippets! The first snippet contains one character whose name (first name, surname or nickname) begins with A and one whose name begins with B, the second a B and a C, the third a C and a D and so on until Z and A.

This is A&B through to N&O. Fandoms include: Disney (Aladdin, Beauty and The Beast, Mulan & Oliver and Company), Doctor Who, Firefly, Hanna is Not a Boy's Name, Harry Potter, Hetalia, Indiana Jones, Merlin, Sherlock Holmes, Supernatural and White Collar.

Irene Adler (Sherlock Holmes) & Peter Burke (White Collar)

"This is... wow. She's good."

"Apparently she checked out three hours go. We just missed her. The diamonds, anything that could have connected her to them - it's all gone."

"She didn't even leave a note? Ouch."

"Why does this all feels horribly familiar? Neal?"

"Hey, I had nothing to do with this."

"You sure? Then start figuring out she did it."

"The way she pulled that diamond heist and a performance in one night? Yeah, wow. I mean, we've got nothing on her but- er. Shut up?"


Bela Talbot (Supernatural) & Cogsworth (Disney's Beauty and The Beast)

A roar ripped through the mansion, the glasses clinking as they shivered in fear and the walls shaking from the force of the Beast's anger. The girl and the rose were gone.

"Oh dear. And she had seemed so nice."

Conrad Achenleck (Hanna is Not a Boy's Name) & Dean Winchester (Supernatural)

"Are you going to stake me?" He feels terrified for his life, which is a strange sensation for someone who is still coming to terms with being undead.

"The hell? Do I look like Buffy to you?" It's dark, and they're in an alleyway only a few streets away from Worth's and he's going be permanently killed by some idiot who makes pop culture references. His life sucks so hard.

"No," Hanna answers. "Is that a machete? Please don't cut off his head."

"What?" Conrad squawks, staring wide-eyed at the knife in the hunter's hand. It seems to glint menacingly at him. "Would that even-- you cut off people's heads?"

Dean frowns, eyes flicking between the little redhead and the flailing, panicked vampire. "What kind of vampire are you?"

"He's the worst kind!" Hanna jumps in, stepping forward so he's standing between Conrad and the hunter. "I mean, he's not the worst like he's terrible and evil and rips people to shreds, he'd never do that. He's like, the complete opposite. Seriously, he's the most harmless vampire you will ever meet, unless you piss him off but really only Worth makes him that bad, so-"

Conrad hides his face in his hands. "Shut up. Both of you, just... just shut up."

The Doctor (Doctor Who) & Lily Evans (Harry Potter)

"You certainly have a thing for redheads, Doctor."

"He has a 'thing'?"

"It's not a thing! It's... well, I'm not sure. There's possibly some kind of universal energy that draws you gingers into the TARDIS, or the TARDIS to you gingers, and something is definitely wrong because we shouldn't have been able to land here. It's you, you're all too ginger."

Lily raises an eyebrow at him. "Does he always make this much sense?"

"Oh, always," Amy sighs, linking her arm through the crook of Lily's elbow and steering them both towards the door. "Let's go explore and leave him to figure it out."

Elizabeta Héderváry (Hetalia) & Fa Mulan (Disney's Mulan) aka historical accuracy? what?

She had heard of the Eastern warrior through the tradesmen and merchents who passed through her country - the tales of a soldier who destroyed an army, who saved the Emporer's life, who was a woman. There were sneering jibes and jokes in the stories, the kind she had little patience for and more than one man left her presense limping or cradling their bruised flesh and knowing that this warrior they mocked was a thousand times the man they ever would be.

Elizabeta knew she would be beautiful, mortal strength and battle scars and rough hands, and bound up in the clothing of a man she crosses a continent just to meet her.

Francis Bonnefoy (Hetalia) & Gwen (Merlin)

"There's something very odd about that man," Arthur says, quiet and leaning close so only Merlin can hear. He gestures towards the side of the hall, but Merlin knows immediately who he's talking about - the foreigner with long blond hair, a visiting noble from distant lands who no one knows anything about, who talks to servants and members of the court with equal gallantry and is constantly professing the beauty of everything. He's currently saying something in Gwen's ear, gently brushing a loose hair off her cheek, and she blushes and ducks her head, smiling.

"He's very... dashing," Merlin admits, and recoils when Arthur pins him with a glare.

"He is not dashing. He's... he's girly. No wonder he gets on so well with the maids."

"Yep, that must be it," Merlin agrees, unsuccessfully trying to hide his grin.

Genie (Disney's Aladdin) & Hanna Cross (Hanna is Not a Boy's Name)

"Bring him back." It's muffled, his legs pulled up to his chest and his head on his knees, face completely hidden by his arms. "Please. Bring him back."

Genie sits down next to him and puts an arm around his shoulders. "Sorry, kid. You know the rules."

Hermione Granger (Harry Potter) & Indiana Jones

He is insufferable.

"You certainly have a talent for getting yourself into dangerous situations, Mr Jones." She is a little surprised that he could even get through the magical wards, but they are, at least, a thousand years old and crumbling as much as the walls. In the terror and dust of the ceiling collasping she managed to cast a shield charm without him noticing, and she keeps her wand ready but slightly behind her, out of sight. She does hate to have to obliviate muggles.

This was meant to be a simple research expidition, not - not an adventure, and now she's trapped with some rogueish muggle archeaologist who keeps smirking and calling her pet names.

"I didn't ask you to follow me, doll."

The Impala (Supernatural) & Alfred Jones (Hetalia)

She's gorgeous.

An older model, experienced, all long sleek lines and shadows in the moonlight. He's driven past before he fully registers just what a fine thing she is, parked at the side of the road in the middle of nowhere, and it only takes a second to pull over and hop out to get a better look because wow, he doesn't make them like this anymore.

She's even better up close, when he can see the flawless polish, the shine that a car so well loved always has, and when he gently lays a hand on her bonnet it's still warm, ticking gently against his palm. He really wants to meet the guy (because, come on) who drives this beauty and then leaves her next to some dark and in no way creepy woods in the middle of the night.

There's suddenly a scream from somewhere deep in the forest and he jerks his hand back from the car. That sounded nasty, like... well, he has no idea, but he takes off running after it without a thought because that's what heroes do when someone is in trouble!

It's not like there'll be ghosts or anything, right?

Jo Harvelle (Supernatural) & Kaylee Frye (Firefly)

"You hunt Reavers?"

"Amoung other things," Jo shrugs, knocking back the last of her drink. Kaylee stares at her. "Reavers aren't the only evil things out here."

Arthur Kirkland (Hetalia) & Luce Worth (Hanna is Not a Boy's Name)

"The hell was that? Arthur!"

"Back off, lad, I'm alright. That was a-- agh," Arthur groans as he struggles to his feet, using the wall to push himself up against. Alfred steps in to help and ignores the way Arthur tries to swat him off. "That was possibly a daeva. Shadow demon sort of thing. Nasty little bugger."

"Whoa," someone says, and there's two people coming down the dark street towards them, one jogging slightly ahead. "Oh, man, I'm so sorry," he says when he sees the gash in Arthur's temple, "Totally my bad."

"What?" Alfred says, looking between this short redhead, his partner with glowing orange eyes and Arthur. "Seriously, what the hell just happened?"

"Daeva," he says, and Arthur looks smug. "I sort of let it free. I mean, I found the person who was controlling it and kind of stopped him by accidently knocking him out so the daeva got loose and now I've really got to catch it, so, um. Sorry. I know a really good doctor who can deal with this sort of thing, though!"

"No hospitals," Arthur says, wincing as he rolls his shoulder. "I'll be fine."

"It threw you into a wall," Alfred says, gesturing wildly. Arthur cuts him off with a narrowed look.

"He's, uh, more of a private clinic. Please, it's my fault you got hurt, at least let me get you checked over," and the kid looks so crestfallen that Arthur can't find a way to refuse.

"I-- oh. Er. Fine, I suppose. But I assure you it's a waste of time, I'm quite alright."

"You're still bleeding," Alfred points out, and just grins at Arthur when he turns to scowl at him. The red-head looks both thrilled and relieved.

This doctor is apparently close enough to walk to and introductions are made on the way over, to Hanna and his partner who goes through being called Kennedy, Emerson and Fabian in the space of the journey.

"So, daeva's are usually really vicious," Hanna says, leading the way. "How come you're not, you know. Dead. Although I'm really glad you're not! Obviously."

"I'm tougher than I look," Arthur says with an unflincing shrug. "How come you're hunting shadow demons?"

"Ha. Someone has to," Hanna replies, turning left down a dark alleyway and heading for a nondescript door. He pushes it open and calls out, "Worth?"

"Aw, fuck," the doctor says as they enter the dingy little office, eyes flicking straight to Arthur's wounds. "What did you do?"

"Nothing! Really. Much. Um, there's a patient for you." Hanna grins, as wide and innocent as he can manage and Worth rolls his eyes and turns to Arthur instead.

"Back room," he says, jerking a thumb towards the door that's slightly open, glimpses of a metal table through the gap, and grimaces as he stands up. Arthur looks unimpressed but follows him, and Alfred trails close after.

"So, me and Gerard here still have a demon thing to go catch," Hanna says, inching back towards the door. "So we'll see you later!"

"Hey! I've still got a lot of questions for you, lad."

"Later!" Hanna calls, and is out the door before Arthur can stop him.

"Yeh, good luck with that," Worth smirks. "Now sit and shut up."

"Best get this over with quickly," Arthur sighs, and perches on the metal table. "Although I'm fine," he directs at Alfred, who grins at him.

Worth swabs off most of the blood around Arthur's head wound and peers at it, poking at the skin lightly. "You're healin' a lot faster than normal," he says with a raised eyebrow. Arthur stares back. "Eh, keep your secrets. I got plenty of 'em."

Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter) & Merlin (er, Merlin)

"Hello. Did you just travel in time? That's very clever, I hope you meant to do it. I've heard flobberworms used to able to send people through time if they were attacked. Is that what happened to you?"

Merlin, sprawled out on the ground in front of the strange, pale girl, blinked. "Um. I need to get back to Camelot."

"Oh, it's about nine centuries away. My father might be able to help you get back. Would you like to come in for a cup of Gurdyroot tea while you wait?"

She regarded him curiously as he clambered to his feet and tried to brush the dirt off his clothes, wincing as he accidently nudged the bruises that were forming from the rough landing. There was a long, thin stick tucked behind her ear, and she picked it up and pointed it at the dusty marks on his trousers, saying, "Tergeo."

"You have magic," he breathed, eyes wide when she'd finished siphoning off the dirt. "I mean. Er, thank you."

She smiled, and took his hand to lead him into the house. "Mind the wrackspurts. You look like you've got one floating around."

Matthew Williams (Hetalia) & Nymphadora Tonks (Harry Potter)

There's a girl who keeps winking at him. She's been coming into the Embassy for the past two days, and she's British and terrifyingly cute and her hair is pink and she keeps noticing him. He doesn't really know how to deal with this.

"Wotcha, Matthew," she says, passing him in the corridor and oh, help, she even remembers his name. They had met when she had tripped in front of him with an armful of folders and he had helped her pick up all the sheets fanning out around them - it seemed almost deliberate at the time, but since then he's seen her trip over a potplant, knock over a towering intray, and twice spill her coffee onto someone else.

He doesn't even know what she does, and he sees her so often that he should probably ask, but then she does this thing where she smiles and he kind of forgets.

Neal Caffery (White Collar) & Oliver (Disney's Oliver and Company)

"You are not keeping him."

"He just hotwired a car! Peter, come on."

"No, he was found in a car that had been hotwired. You can take him to the shelter, and then we've got work to do. String of impossible break ins, remember?"

"Witnesses all said they'd seen a lot of animals running around. You know, I think Moz has always wanted a cat."

"Stop it."

"I'm keeping him."

"Neal. Your-- your cat just took your wallet."
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